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So this is new, first video at Netherfield, new room, new house, and new people. Watch as Jane and I try, and immediately fail, at keeping the video diaries underwraps.

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Lizzie: So today is one of those days when I wonder to myself "how the heck did I get here?" Like literally right here, in this crazy expensive house; marble counter tops, Egyptian cotton sheets, is that mahogany?

Let's recap: First Bing moved here, and then mom had a dozen good panics, then Bing met Jane, Jane met Bing, I met Darcy, And then mom made Jane and I homeless, and then we moved in here. Wow, that made absolutely no sense. You know just uh, watch the playlist below and catch up. My name is Lizzie Bennet and this is Netherfield.

[Intro Plays]

Some of you are probably wondering how I'm feeling about being here. Well, I'll tell you. First, the good: I get to hang out with Jane more I get to know Bing Lee a little bit better, I get to use these amazing dual headed showers that... [sigh], and I don't have to deal with my mom or Lydia for a little while. And the bad: I'm living under the same roof as Darcy. I mean what the eff! I feel so sorry for the poor woman that ends up with that douchebag for life. So now you're probably wondering what's gonna happen with Lizzie's video blogs? Don't worry, Charlotte and I worked out a system. So for now the video diaries will continue with Jane and I. Jane, that's your cue.

Jane: Oh I'm sorry,  I wasn't sure when you wanted me to come in...

Lizzie: No, I wanted you to be natural, I...nevermind. How are you liking it here?

Jane: It's really lovely. Everything is perfect.

Lizzie: Of course it is. And thank you again for letting me tag along. Staying with Lydia, mom, and dad in two rooms for two weeks would've not gonna think about it.

Jane: Now this way we can get to know everyone better

Lizzie: You're so sweet.

Jane: Don't let him get to you.

Lizzie: I'm not the problem. He's the one who-

Jane: Lizzie, promise me.

Lizzie: [Unintelligible noises] Fine, I promise.

[Knock at the door]

Caroline: Jane? my brother's looking for you.

Lizzie: Caroline! Oh my God!

Caroline: So now it's recording us?

Lizzie: Yep, that's it uh, nothing special just me and my camera, nobody ever watches them.

Caroline: Lizzie, do you consider us friends?

Lizzie: Yeah

Caroline: Good, because I do too. I want you to feel welcome here, in our home.

Lizzie: Thank you, It is extremely nice here.

Caroline: And I also want you to know, because we're friends, you shouldn't feel the need to lie to me.

Lizzie: But I'm not lying.

Caroline: My name is Lizzie Bennet and this is my life.

Lizzie:'ve seen them?

Caroline: I'll admit at first I thought it was a bit childish, but you're very compelling.

Lizzie: I uh um I'm so sorry.

Caroline: It's okay I completely understand.

Lizzie: Bu-but you and your brother. Oh my God!

Caroline: we're all naturally prejudicially in some way, it's just a matter of getting past them. But I forgive you, and your cute little editing friend for her exaggerated portrayal of me a few weeks back.

Lizzie: Charlotte does tend to exaggerate. Have Bing and Darcy seen these?

Caroline: Goodness no, can you imagine what would happen if they did?

Lizzie: Oh, haha...I will stop right away.

Caroline: No. Lizzie, we're friends, I want you to continue what you're doing.

Lizzie: You, you want me to continue video blogging?

Caroline: Yes. I'll even help you.

Lizzie: Really?

Caroline: Absolutely! Anything you want to talk about. I'll be on camera for you if you need me.

Lizzie: A-and you won't tell the guys?

Caroline: I think we would both agree that the men discovering your video diaries would be catastrophic. Especially for your sister's budding relationship with my dear brother.

Lizzie: Yeah, you're totally right. Totally right. Uh I...I'm sorry that I misjudged you.

Caroline: Apology accepted, Elizabeth Bennet. Please join us for lunch in fifteen minutes. I hope you enjoy your stay here at Netherfield.

Lizzie: Thank you I-I'm sure I will.

[Outro plays}