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The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you!

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Hey there, I am Matthew Gaydos and welcome to The Warehouse, the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you.

Hey. Guess what I got? (New Merch News) First up, for you Brain Scoop fans we have a brand new shirt with a two-headed calf on it. You might have seen the two-headed calf in one of the most recent episodes of The Brain Scoop and now there’s this really cool shirt with it on there and it says The Brain Scoop and it says ‘still got brains on it’. So you can go ahead and pre-order that right now on

Next up, we have a brand new poster from Crash Course which, I’m gonna go ahead and get out of the way a little bit ‘cause it’s real big and I want you guys to see it as much as possible. This is the Crash Course time line of US history and this poster is three feet long by one foot tall and it’s gonna look really nice in your classroom or in your bedroom or wherever else you like your US history to be located.

And then we also have two brand new The Fault in Our Stars items on the website. And just so you guys know, there is now a place on the website that is the official The Fault in Ours Stars product page. So you can go there and find everything associated with The Fault in Our Stars including the two new products which include this Hazel and Augustus iPhone case as well as this very cool new The Fault in Our Stars t-shirt. So of course you can go right now and pre-order both of these items at or more specifically in The Fault in Our Stars official store section or the links will be down in the flap and you can find it that way.

I talked to you before about Mike Falzone’s new album Zebadiah Zebra Pants which is available on vinyl on and when you buy the record you get an immediate MP3 download of the album. But this album is not available just on record, you can also now get it on iTunes as well.

And for the very last thing this week I wanted to address some of your questions. A couple of you guys were asking about things that are out of stock that looked a little bit different now on the website and that is because when we were changing warehouses we were also changing t-shirt printers. So shirts that were previously out of stock like the Pizza John or the My muggle friends just don’t understand or the Fandom shirt or Karen Kavett’s shirt are all back in stock now and these are the first shirts we’ve gotten back from the new printers. Things to note about these t-shirts: from now on all of our new designs are only going to have unisex cut, there is no more ladies cut on the t-shirts. Another thing about these t-shirts, they are on a much nicer, softer material so shirts like the original Pizza John are back in stock. Now they’re just a little bit softer and a little bit more form fitting and fear not because we are still getting plenty of shirts printed so a lot of shirts that you may have wanted that are now currently out of stock on the website will be coming back on new, softer material.

And now I have these shirts in my hands that I need to get rid of. Oh, you know what, I’ll have our new employee put these away for me. (New employee comes in.) Uh… (Matthew puts shirts on employee’s head) Hold on. (Matthew comes back with tubes and makes arms for new employee) Ah! Alright, so you can just go put these away for me, alright. (Employee tries to put them away but arms fall out)

But that does it for this week guys. Don’t forget to leave any questions, comments and more box employee names down in the comments below, I still haven’t chosen a favorite yet. As always, the links to everything I talked about today will be down in the flap. And you can always find me on my channel at or on Twitter @MatthewGaydos. So I will see you next week with a brand new episode of The Warehouse and until then, don’t forget to be awesome.