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 Intro and tour

Hey there, I am Matthew Gaydos and welcome to The Warehouse, the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you. We have an insane amount of things to cover today so lets go ahead and start with a tour.

So this is the new poster, bracelet, CD nook. Posters are back here along this wall; CD's are over here; and all of our rubber bracelets and pins and necklaces are all right here.

Now this area is kind of a mess and that's just because this is where I work all day.

Now unlike the old warehouse this one is just a giant room but the really good thing about that is that all of our T-shirts are in one little area. They're not in the two separate rooms like they were before. But while we're over here in the T-shirt area I want to tell you guys that some of these shirts that were previously out of stock from the $10 sale that we had are now back in stock in limited supply. But if you want to know exactly which ones are back in stock in which sizes you'll have to go to

Now the back third of the warehouse is mostly just storage. We've got hoodies; we've got T-shirts; we've got CD's; we've got poster tubes. It's basically just a lot of back stock and supplies and it's not really all that interesting so we're gonna go ahead and err, move on.

And this is where we make the coffee and food.

And then this is the area if you took the camera from the regular angle of The Warehouse and flipped it around. So when I'm doing The Warehouse videos I'm looking at this. That is Dave's office there behind the door and then over there is my work area that I already showed you guys.

 New Merch News (1:26)

So that is the new DFTBA warehouse and now it's time for new merch news.

First up my friend Rob Scallon has a brand new CD up on and there is a special 12th track on this CD that is only available on the physical copy from and I have heard it and I gotta tell you, it's definitely worth it.

Also in new music news Mike Falzone has a brand new vinyl record up for pre-order on the website now. It comes out March 21st, it is called Zebadiah Zebra Pants and I have heard this record, it is very funny; it is a mix of music and comedy. So you can go pre-order that on right now as well.

Lets go ahead and keep the segue super easy and talk about music because we have a new poster from My Music that is available both signed and unsigned and we have a few other new posters. We have this one that says "The world is not a wish granting factory". And we also have this one by Shitty Watercolour; that is 101 fictional characters as sloths, and that is also available signed and unsigned.

Also up for pre-order right now on the website is this Anna and the TARDIS shirt, combining  Frozen and Doctor Who; two things that make this shirt gonna be on my body real soon. We also have a couple new Harry Potter related shirts: we just got in this DFTBA design; as well as this green HPA logo shirt. And finally in new merch news, you CTFxC fans should be excited because Charles and Ally just put up a pre-order for a bunch of their shirts that were out of stock previously. So if you want any of those CTFxC t-shirts or tank tops those are now up on the website again.

 The new employee (2:35)

And finally the thing I said I would talk about this week is actually our brand new DFTBA employee and I would like you to meet them. So this is our brand new DFTBA employee; they don't actually have a name yet, maybe you guys can help us out with that in the comments, but just like every employee that DFTBA hires they must go through a training process so we tried that today: First we tried folding some t-shirts; and then we tried rolling posters; and then we had a little trouble trying to re-build Fort Awesome together. So they had a rough first day but just like all employee's they'll get used to it, so I look forward to reading your suggested names down in the comments below.

 Time lapse video (3:25)

Oh, and the final, final thing this week I want to let you guys know that I actually uploaded two videos on this channel today: there's this one, the regular warehouse episode; and then there's also a time lapse video that Michael Aranda set up for us and it shows us moving into this new space here. So if you'd like to see that you can click the link down in the flap or you can go to our channel page, it'll be right there.

 Sum up and outro (3:41)

But that actually does it for this week guys. Don't forget to leave any questions and comments and box names down in the flap; as usual the links to everything I talked about today will down in the flap and you can always find me at my channel at or on twitter, @Matthew Gaydos. So I will see you next week with a brand new episode of The Warehouse and until then, don't forget to be awesome.