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Sometimes I get sick and make old-school vlogbrothers videos. Today, I voted here in the Indiana primaries. Now I will go back to bed.


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A Bunny
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Ugghhh... Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. I had all kinds of plans for today's video, but instead it's going to be about tiny chickens because I've been invaded. Ugghhh.

Quick side note for Nerdfighters in training: Tiny Chicken disease is of course a disease in which tiny chickens invade your nose and then they poop snot which makes you sick. Right Hank, so over the weekend the Yeti got Tiny Chicken disease and I was like don't worry I'm immune to Yeti diseases, well I'm not. Hank I don't wanna gross you out or anything but last night I drank like 14 liquid tonnes of snot, it was like Chinese water torture except instead of water dripping onto my forehead it was just snot dripping down my throat all night. And I didn't sleep and now I'm walking around with like 28,000 pounds of chicken poop in my body. It's just not comfortable. The weirdest thing about tiny chickens is that you become-

*phone rings (Marimba)*

John: Sarah. Yep. What's up?
Sarah (on phone): Don't forget to vote!
John: Aaaargh. Are you serious?!
Sarah (on phone): Yeah
John: Uuuuuggghhhh I don't wanna vote today! I'm sick!

Hank, after I failed to vote in Florida in the 2000 presidential election I made a promise to myself and to my country that I would always vote. Alright, let's go. But I'm taking you with me!

Hank, don't get me wrong, I like voting, I'm grateful to vote, I just don't think my vote matters that much. And I don't mean that in the obvious way like lots of people vote and my vote only counts once. I mean that whenever I'm doing like Crash Course research I become increasingly convinced that the most important actors in human history aren't voters, they're microbes.

I went to the wrong polling place. Now I have to try again.

On the upside I met Nerdfighting poll-workers Neil and Aidan.

Alright, let's try again. Ooorrrhhh.
I vote, I count. The tiny chickens will win in the end, Hank. But until then, I'm doing my part. I'll see you on Friday.

P.S. Nerdfighters, Hank and I will be 'hanging out' via Google+ tomorrow afternoon on the Crash Course channel. Go to and subscribe to watch it. It'll be tomorrow afternoon at 3pm Eastern Time, I don't know what time that is your time, I'm sick and tired and I'm sorry, but you can look it up on this amazing thing called the Internet.