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Sexplanations made a sweatshirt of the many terms we use to describe our sexual and gender identities. This video goes through the ones on the sweatshirt from pomo to fluid. There are many others our there so I hope you stay curious!


Like my sweatshirt?
They're sexual identities, most of them are prefixes, meaning that a few letters or short words added to another word to change its meaning. Prefixes, like hetero, which means "different or other," and homo, which means "the same." When we add them to the word "sexual," they become "heterosexual," as in attracted to a different sex, and "homosexual," as in attracted to the same sex. And those are just two off the list! Let's get through the rest, so when you're wearing this sweatshirt, you can teach the curious.


Up here is "pomo." Pomo most stands for post-modern. Essentially, a pomosexual expresses an identity that challenges labels based on sexual attraction and preferences. Sexologist Carol Queen coined it and wrote a book by the same name, PoMoSexuals. In her words, the problem with any ascribed and adopted identity is not what it includes, but what it leaves out. Pomosexuality doesn't leave anyone out, because there's no "in."


"Inter" as a prefix means "between." As a sexual identity, intersex refers to the anatomical, chromosomal and hormonal bodies between male and female. I love how the Intersex Society of North America puts it: "Nature doesn't decide where the category of male ends and the category of intersex begins, or the category of intersex ends and the category of female begins, humans decide."


Poly, as in this video:...
Polygamous, polyandrous, polyamorous: relationship dynamics with more than one partner in love, marriage and/or sex. 


Androsexuals are attracted to males, men and/or masculinity. As in, I never really know what someone is packing when the attraction starts, so it's not about the penis or my vagina, it's about how the person expresses. Hot!


Gyne or gynosexual referring to attraction toward females, women and/or femininity.

Andro and gyne together: Androgyny. This is when a person presents a lot of masculinity and femininity. Like Ruby Rose. The opposite of this is undifferentiated, neutra, gender-neutral and/or agender.


"A-" meaning without: without gender, without orientation, without attraction, without sex. Specifically, asexuality is the absence of sexual attraction. (This video)


Grey/A is a sometimes, under certain conditions or "yes, there's attraction, but low or no desire to even act on it".


Demi-sexual would be one of those grey/a circumstances, when the sexual attraction isn't there unless there's a strong, emotional connection.


Trans (this video)
A prefix meaning across, beyond, or on the opposite side.
Trans, transsexual, transgender, transvestite, transyada, is the cross from one gender or sex to another in body, behavior, and/or life. Like transition from male to female.


Curious, more of a root word than a prefix, meaning eager to know or learn something.


2Spirit, also not a prefix, refers to First Nations or Native American people who posses two spirits: male and female. Originally, each tribe had their own names for these individuals, saw them as gifted and sought their wisdom. Then, trans- and homophobic colonization practically wiped out their place in native culture. It wasn't until 1990 that 2spirit was coined and used by many tribes to describe Native American gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer and fluid individuals.


Pan, prefix meaning all. Pansexuality is the experience of attraction regardless of sex or gender. Described by David Levithan in his novel Every Day: "In my experiences, desire is desire, love is love. I've never fallen in love with a gender, I've fallen for individuals."


Omni, amni, poly-sexual, just like pan: not one, not two, not three but all.


Bi-curious, bigender, bisexual, bicycle: bi as in two. Sometimes referring to a binary like bigender, people who oscillate between male and female, but given that binaries aren't nature's way, when it comes to orientation, bisexuality is two, as in more like same and different.


Hetero (video): And I quote a medical definition for a person who is attracted to someone with the other gender or literally biological sex than they have, often referred to as straight.


Cis meaning on this side, or near side, refers to the gender or sex a person is assigned to at birth matching the sex or gender they identify with. My doc marked me female because labia and as I came to understand identity, female matched that.


Sapio: intelligence of the human mind, referring to attraction to these things. Some of you think that this is such a stretch, all these words to specify our identities and preferences. Yep, more curiosity, more words, more communication, more compassion. I love the term sapiosexual, it explains why I get so hot and bothered during Trivial Pursuit and Crash Course.


Homo: in Greek means same, equal, like, similar, one and the same. In Latin, it means man. Homo, sapien sapiens, sapio wise man. Homosexual, like I started off with, is attraction to the same sex or gender, more on this later.


Queer: My evolving definition: queer is a noun or adjective used to shame or celebrate those who deviate from societal norms of gender and sexuality. Other meanings: anything non-cis, non-hetero.


Fluid: alone or with other terms, like it is in "gender fluid," it refers to the dynamic nature of human beings.


Questioning: when you are questioning, you aren't sure, you're thinking about things, asking yourself and others questions to reason it out, like staying curious.


Sexplanations: this show.

You can get a sweatshirt here on Subbable. It's like a thank you card from us for supporting Sexplanations that you can wear! Woo!