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I'm Lindsey Doe, this is Sexplanations, where I answer your questions about sex, or some of them.

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Q: What do I do? I'm 15, I want to be open with my parents about my fascination with sexuality, but they don't understand.

A: It's OK if they don't understand - I don't understand Nick's fascination with horror films, but I accept it. Teaching your parents about curiosity is a form of sex education, look at you go! Remember though that your students don't have to agree with you in order to learn from you. I'd also suggest that you share with them some Sexplanations, specifically the episode on Havelock Ellis and the one where I answer questions about sexology.

This question is from someone who was injured in a motorcycle crash and needed genital surgery which included some new piping and stitches to his scrotum.The question is:
Q: How do I feel comfortable enough with my own genitalia after the trauma and comfortable enough to share it with a partner?

A: If you're up for a little roleplay, write a letter to your genitalia and welcome it back into your life as if you were writing a card to someone who just got out of the hospital. Your genitals, just like the hypothetical friend, are hopefully just as precious to you as they were before the accident and you'll find the words you need to coach yourself through this experience in the writing. If this isn't something you imagine working for you, find a sexologist who can help you with other suggestions.

Q: Is it strange for someone who identifies as gay to watch straight pornography? 

A: No, the same goes for someone who identifies as straight watching gay porn. Any orientation, any behavior, not strange. Pornography is designed to arouse, and there are hundreds of genres attempting to do so. Did you know that PornHub deemed Montana number one for anal porn searches in the country?

Q: What's your opinion on sex surrogates? Are they even a thing? Better than sexologists? Worse? Equal?

A: Well sex surrogates are professionals who work hands-on with clients. For example, in my practice as a sexologist, I'm only certified to do talk therapy. I have a no-touch practice except high fives, so when I talk about learning to orgasm, I can use my words and diagrams and hand puppets, but I can't offer kinesthetic experience. So for me surrogates are instrumental in teaching about sexuality.

They can show behaviors, give immediate accurate feedback and facilitate really efficient improvement. I think clients who are able to work with a sexologist-surrogate team are as fortunate as patients who have both a doctor and a physical therapist. 

Q: What has been the best part of your week so far?

A: I met with Christopher Nagata, the artist for an event I'm hosting this weekend, and he shared the final run-down of the night's happenings. It made me so excited, because his brilliance, optimism and creativity are so impressive. His art by the way is known as Nyotaimori and Nantaimori, translated as "sushi on a naked woman", "sushi on a naked man". Volunteer models lie very still while he decorates their already beautiful naked bodies in already beautiful raw fish. For more information look in the description. 

Q: How do you define sex addiction?

A: The unmanageable urge to fix oneself with sex-related materials and behaviors to the degree that it negatively disrupts the person's life, as in "I did zero work today because I spent 8 hours at the office looking at porn."

Q: In another video you said that dental dams can improve the oral sex experience for a female - why is that?

A: I think you're talking about cunnilingus and the reason is that it diffuses the sensation across the entire vulva.

Q: My penis is 5.5 inches - how do I make it large?

A: It is large! Statistically you are larger than every third man you see, sometimes every other. Three ways to keep it large or make it larger are exercise, eating well and not smoking; healthy blood flow into the penis creates a fuller erection, instead of filling the cavities to 5 inches it can fill them to 6.

Q: Is it normal for sensitivity to change throughout my mid to late twenties?

A: Throughout your life, everything changes. Stay curious.