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Hank Talks
Hello, it's the 20th day of April. The 19th day of me vlogging everyday in April and I'm going to go through a couple of comments on my most recent videos and I'm going to respond to some of them.

So when I was talking about communities and community rules and how people very rarely break these community rules, a couple of people left comments saying some community rules need to be broken. Like Rosa Parks, for example, was breaking a rule when she decided to not go sit in the back of the bus because she was black. This is an excellent point. Just because we follows the rules of society does not make us good people. In fact, following the rules of a society, of a culture and of a community is often times the thing that makes us the worst people.

It is extremely important to be part of a community that has good values that do not devalue other people. There are a lot of these values that we can talk, and people spend some time talking about the values of their society. And there are lot of ones that, I think, are part of Nerdfighteria. There are fun ones, and there are important ones. I think that the important ones are inclusivity and tolerance. Whenever I see someone trying to exclude others from something, or being intolerant of something that other people believe in...that just doesn't work. Which is why I really don't like the idea of Hell, because it kind of devalues all people who don't believe in your religion.

When you believe in Hell, you're basically saying that everyone who isn't like you is going to burn for all eternity. Not a big fan of that one. And it's not that I'm worried that the people are going to burn forever, what I'm worried about is what that means for your relationship with that person. Like if you believe that your God hates someone that much, just because of what they believe and how they were raised, then I can imagine it can be kind of hard to have a constructive relationship with that person. 

A couple of people, when I mentioned spitting in the salt shaker, were like "NO, HANK, DON'T TELL THEM THAT! THEY'RE ALL GOING TO SPIT IN THE SALT SHAKER!". But this is my point. It's not that people haven't thought to open the salt shaker and spit in it that it doesn't happen. Or at least, it doesn't happen enough for I to have ever heard of it happening. People are very creative, they will think of ways to do things if they want to. I really think it's because people are good, they're just not bad people. That's why it doesn't happen, not because they didn't think of it.

Thank-you all for your excellent comments. I will see you all tomorrow.