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In which Hank probably digs himself deeper into his hole
Oh my goodness. It's the 22nd day of April, the 20th day of me vlogging every day in April, because I missed yesterday. I'm very sorry.

So I kinda made a promise with myself that I wouldn't work really hard on these videos, and I wouldn't write scripts for them and I wouldn't be all methodical about them. Cause I want it to be like the old days where I just talked at the camera. And of course, things happen when you do that, like you mention that you don't like the idea of Hell. 

I still don't like the idea of Hell, but the conversations in the comments have been very enlightening to me. But it's very hard to talk about, especially without writing stuff down and sort of logic-ing out all of the thoughts that I have in my head, but I guess I'll just say this.

There are a few things that I realized while reading the comments, concerning this thing about Hell. One, is that you guys have absolutely no problem disagreeing with me, which is really awesome. And that's awesome, I mean, to be able to have someone disagree with you, but just, but do it respectfully, and, like, have a conversation about it, it's really cool, I like that a lot.

And the other thing that I realized, that's really, really fascinating: Now I know that there are a lot of different Christian faiths, there- there are a lot of different Christian faiths, but what really surprised me was that- that every commenter kind of had a different take on what was going on. Now when I think of religion I think of the big structure, where there's this book and it has rules and there are priests and they know what's going on and there's the pope and he's like "here's everything and what I say goes," but that's not what I see in these comments.

I see people with a personal view of what God is, with a personal- like, what they believe. I totally can't argue with that practice. I can argue with some of the concepts and ideas that might spring from that. And there's this commandment, right, there's only one God, and God is the one true God. And excuse me if I'm being, you know, not very thoughtful about this, but there isn't the one true God, there's a God for every person. Every person believes that God acts in a different way. 

There's a God that every person believes in, and- and we have our own view of the universe, and that view is manifested in- in the way that we think about God. And that's totally true for me too. And very commonly I suspect, especially here in America, we have very personal religions that reflect the values of our society and our culture. And when those values change, it kind of changes the way that God sees the universe too. 

Whereas 50 years ago, all Christians probably would've agreed that homosexuality is a sin, and people go to Hell for it, now I look at these comments, and there are very few people exposing that belief. Because God, m- maybe He's changed, or maybe we've just understood Him better. Or something. So that has been fascinating. Thank you all, um, and- and I hope that I didn't offend any more people in this video.

All I'm trying to say is that I think I understand religion better now, and I certainly understand, uh, the- the- nerdfighteria's relationship with it better. And I know that it's something that believe very deeply and- and certainly, um, have a hard time discussing, because when you have a deeply held belief it's very difficult to, you know, try and make it match with someone else's slightly, very slightly, contrary deeply held belief.

I try not to have those deeply held beliefs, because, because I like to be able to understand, and, and even agree with other people's deeply held beliefs, by, you know, putting myself in their position.

So sorry if this is offensive in any way, I'm sure that it- it could be easily taken as offensive to many people, but what I'm trying to say is that thank you for helping me understand a little bit better. Okay bye!