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In which Hank vlogs about the zoo from a shower...weird.


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There are probably thousands of people watching this right now, and this may be a little egotistical of me, but I think I know what every single one of them is thinking: Why is he making a video inside of a shower?

I'm on vacation, which means I'm in a hotel room. With Katherine. And this is, like, kind of a block, when there's somebody around, I can't really do it.

But that -- I don't -- I mean, like, making videos. I can't make videos when there's other people in the room. There are several other things I can't do while other people are in the room, but that's what I'm talking about right now.

So, I've decided to put myself in the only enclosed space that I can find, which happens to be the bathroom, and make a video. So now you know. But the question is, where am I?

Well right now I'm in New Hampshire, but very recently I was in Washington DC. Ah, ah, it's wet in here. We're touring around seeing friends and family; no nerdfighter events, I'm very sorry.

Though it would have been really great to see some nerdfighters on the trip, really, it would have been amazing, but unfortunately I'm not going to be able to do it because obviously I don't have a lot of free time...'cause I'm making a video in the shower. But during my time in Washington DC, I decided to go to the zoo. It was actually Katherine's idea. "What do you want to do today?" "uh, I was hoping to spend the day with a lot of very loud children." "You've gotten your first wish, what else do you want to do?" "I was hoping to see a puppy-sized elephant." "How about a real-sized elephant?" "Yeah" "What on earth could weigh that many pounds?" I like zoos because I like giraffes who love giraffes.

But of all the things that they have at the national zoo in Washington DC, they don't have giraffes! God! So that was a little disappointing.

But I did get to see several other animals loving members of their own species. There were gorillas loving gorillas, aren't they adorable? There were ducks loving ducks.

But for all the animals that we saw (there were many many many many amazing animals that we did see), mostly there were these really interesting monkeys. I saw all kinds of animals when I was at the zoo: tiny deer, leopard tortoise, hippo, and shrew, an armadillo curled up in a ball, and a nerdfighter bird, and that isn't nearly all, from every corner of the world from Australia to France, but mostly we just saw monkeys with pants. Oh monkeys with pants, monkeys with pants, all we are is monkeys with pants.

Elephant, falcon, owls say 'who,' octupi, panda, seals, and a mongoose. From every corner of the world from Australia to France, but mostly we just saw monkeys with pants. Oh monkeys with pants, monkeys with pants, all we are is monkeys with pants.

Look at this! A monkey without pants. That was a surprisingly difficult song to write. 'Cause I wanted to have the line "all we are is monkeys with pants" in there, and all I could think of -- "all we are is monkeys with pants" So yeah.

I should do all my songs from the shower. Monkeys with pants. All we are is monkeys with pants!

It's very strange, I don't think like Katherine -- I know she can hear me out there, but because there's a door it's as if I am all alone and there's no one else in the universe and I can totally do things like monkeys with pants and no one will ever know. Except for all of the people who are watching this right now. That's kind of embarrassing.

All we are is monkeys with pants. Duh dun duh duh. John, I would love to see you soon, and I hope that I do.

Nerdfighters, keep on nerdfighting. All we are is monkeys with pants! Monkeys with pants, all we are is monkeys with pants.

Monkeys with pants. I don't know what he's got; he's got, like, a Slurpee.