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In which Hank contemplates his own nerdiness and laughs at his own jokes.

music: "Hyperfun"
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(PBS Digital intro)

Hank: And when you think about fictional realities where different universes of discourses meet, like the DC/Marvel crossovers, you're actually engaging in some pretty serious ontological ponderings.  That was the nerdiest thing I've ever said.  

Offscreen: And you have said some nerdy things.

Hank: That was like, top, top of the list.  


Hank: Oh, Abby, the little artwork. so cute.

Offscreen: Corgis are kind of artwork, but then again, breed, it's a process.

Hank: Breed, with no 'A'

We are not mere objects that exist to be used by others. We our--are our, we our own ends.

But, this means we can choose to develop stronger levels of control over many of our actions, which is what we do when we get to work a break a bad habit or ingrain a good one.

Hank: Some people lie more than they tell the truth

Off camera: Those... those people suck.

Hank: Like Sandy! Sandy!

[singing] Wittgenstein

We're naturally built-- [fart noise]

And you must-- mlaaagh

Maybe your desire not to care what other think-- whaag

Try to interpret whatever your interloc-- interlocu-- blargh

There are a whole lot of things that most of use think are totally fine, but are actually expressly forbitten, but-- bitten.

They're not just for cartoon cowboys! [Southern Accent] Dem's fightin' words.

A brain scan revealed a large tumor in his orbito frontal-- orbito frontal cortex. Orbito-fron, orbito frontal cortex, orbito frontal cortex, orbito frontal cortex. K.

They contained subjects and verbs and are glamma - glammatically legit.

But remember, if you really think that beauty is in the b- uh, bye of the beholder.

There are other kinds of, there are, there are other kinds of unintentional, ling-- There are other kinds of unintentional lingui- unintentional linguistic.

The tragedy for Sartre is that he was an atheist, so he believed there was an emptiness that can never-- This wasn't agh. This is a good--

Patricia Church --hand. Patricia Chu-- Patricia Shurshland. [Laughing]

And yet, they consider other rules from the Old Testament to be like the Ten Command--like the Ten Commandments. [Singing] To be still binding.

Like the words that are coming out of your mouse-- mouse? No.

[Singing] Sweet is the sound of the pouring rain and the sh-rain that falls from the hill to plain better than-- something. I don't know.

Or something that - whoogh.

For example, the prohibition that says "do not kill" is a prohibition.

And [Gibberish] and the other factors. I really weign- reigned it in there at the end, it's great.

Or some historical facts about the workst-- [Makes noises]

This is brrrrr

Ah-boo boo boop.

The mythical lost island that our old monk friend 'Guan-ee-lo' said could be the- [shrill]

Some beings are able to do this on their own, but, since we need to coordinate matters with a partner, God kindly instilled us with a sex drive and made the prrrahcess feel good.

To make sure that we noo- to make sure that we doooo it. Thanks God!

Or that a speech act can cause nations to-to

Hank: And takes offench-- offench?

Offcamera: Offench.

Hank: [Yawn]

Offcamera: Good take.

And, that's a violation of Kant's seti-- seticah-- segli-- sah-- sedizah-- I died. Everything fell apart.

Hank: But they also think that there's something different about some human actions, that some of the action we take really are free. Please. Please be true.

Offcamera: Just a little. A little bit for me.

Hank: Just a little bit.

Each of us as-- has-- has a box.

Hank: And, Kant phrased it this way: Act only according to that maxim which you can at the same time with what-- with that should be a universal law without contradiction.

Offcamera: What what!

Hank: [Duck impersonation] With what!

If a skunk walks through paint and leaves footprints on-- footprints.

He was lookin' pretty smart.

The ones that some people would include in a groooup-- [emphasizing wrong syllables] but others would exclude.

God. He's up there... on the second floor... of the universe.

Or was it ne-- ...-either?

Elvira's impulse is to lie and say that Tony isn't there in order to protect him from this word-be murderer. Word be?

Early 20th century German philosopher, Gottlob Frege, helped pruh-- prabara--

That an artist must want to evoke some valuable emo-- valuable emootion in the audience.

We talked about hypothetical and categorical imperatives, the univesi-- iliabil--

Hank: We studied the basic goods, and the way that instinct bynd-reason becomes together and shrorns the natural law.

Offcamera: Maybe again.

Hank: Like, if you're in your sister's room having an argument, and she says, "There's the door." You can assume that she's not just randomly naming house parts. 


Hank: This is the first time that's ever happened to me. 


Hank: I knew it was coming too.

Offcamera: It's a good joke, though. I can see a person in the middle of that argument who actually thinks that.

Hank: Yeah. There's the door! Well, there's the phone! 


Hank: There's the wall! OK.