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A last round of laughs from the set of Crash Course Games!

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CC Kids:
Andre: Did I say it cheesy?

Off camera: No, (unintelligible)

Andre: The explorer in all of us! And then we play the classical version of the Crashcourse Games intro, (singing) ah hah ahha.

(Theme music)

Some of these pursuits relate to an overarching goal or story, and others don't and.. Oh sorry, annnd Andre burped his lunch. 

Andre: I actually played that game, Shimmy you

Off camera: (unintelligible) 


Andre: Yes.

Minecraft is the epy-tome of a sandbox game.


It's not epy-tome? Epy-to-me?! I honestly dont't think I've ever seen it written. The epitome?!

While you might get similar re-sults to, hmmmm, don't know why I said results like that.

With interchangeable game cartridges, interchangeable game cartridges. First hand-held console with interchange..

(silly voice) still dominating the market, but we'll get to that a little later.

And the Gameboy wasn't exactly the most advanced hand-held on the market, with its blurry screen and, oh woah woah woah (chuckling) sub par graphics, woah woah woah, that's nasty Todd.

Bundling the system with the incredible popular Tetris probably helped too, and by probably I mean YEA. That is kinda funny though, (high pitched voice) its like we have a colour screen and a portable TV. We got Tetris! Ahhhh! The SEGA is gonna be ok, right? 

(Offcamera comment)

Andre: YES YES, keep it going! Running gag, running gag!

Let me know when you're ready. Oh, you've already been filming, I've just been acting stupid on camera, great.

I don't want that dumbness documented! Alright, you ready? As I've just revealed that I said something stupid, great.

The SEGA's gonna be ok, right? I'm gonna keep doin it, I'm gonna keep doin it.

A lot of fancy talk there.

(Silly voice) Joysticks.

And nearly 306 degrees of controller. Control-er haha.

I love, I love how I read these all the way through but then live in the moment when I actually record them. This thing I read that's actually in the script later, we should put it in the script!

He got a contract with NBC?!

Offcamera: I know!

Andre: What?! That's hard for me to read cause I'm like what?! He hadn't even got his civil rights yet! It was a simpler time back then. Back in the 50's when the property head of America was somebody who faked a game show!

They took radio and television at face value. Today we call that the internet! Hahhahaa

That's pretty profound if you ask me. Atleast I try to sell it as such.

It allows you to immerse yourself in the game by literally taking on the role of your character and then a car shows up and completely ruins your LARPing experience!

Demonstrative or the battle game is your standard barfer, barf, barfer! Ew, that's, I don't want to play that game.
Demonstrative or the battle game is your standard baferlop, LARP, golly!
Demonstratove or the battle game is your standard baferlarp, LARP, (slowly) boffer-LARP.

Who didn't put rings as plural?! What kinda nerds we working with here?! Lord of the Ring!

As Lady Stark, writer of Leaving Murr...mundania. Hahhaha I just got it

Cars aren't allowed in fantasy worlds, go away we're talking about LARPing here. There's no Fast and Furious LARPing yet. Hhahaha, oh yet!

Humans can get addicted to gambling in the same way they can get addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or cocaine.

Offcamera: That escalated.

Andre: Cigarettes, alcohol or COCAINE!

We believe that you are consciously, intentionally selling products to kids. Yeah. By the way, here's the new Pokémon everybody! AHHH

How did it share your, eh, your PS4 game with your friend. And it was just two guys and one guy had a disc, and he gave it to the other guy. And that was it!

We've come along way from the first cut-scene in Pacman. WHY! WHY! WHY ARE YOU DRIVING! Its Sunday. 

You give me crap yesterday about you're gonna make the SEGA joke 50 more times and every single time we mention board games you seem to slide in, (high pitched voice) which makes it better than Monopoly!

I know what to get you for your birthday now!

Offcamera: Oh don't do it!

Andre: I'm gonna get you some many Monopolys, I'm gonna get you every version.

(singing) Are you ready for some Call Of Duty!! Hahhhaa we got Street Fighter 5 lets get the party started! on a Friday night!

Thanks for watching and we'll see you next blank!