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Catherine Wayne
Justine Ezarik
Ingrid Nilsen
Felix AKA PewDiePie
Ryan Higa
Shane Dawson
Ian & Anthony from Smosh
Philip DeFranco
Hank Green
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Video Featured in this Episode:
Dramatic Chipmunk

Go! Bwaaah!

The Sneezing Baby Panda


break dancer hits baby

Jacuzzi Accident
*dramatic intro music*

Girl in video: Go! bwahh

Justine: *gasps* *laughs* Now I'm just in that mode of laughing. *laughs* I almost puked. Oh God, I'm crying. I can't help it! What is going on?

Benny and Rafi: Wait for it, wait for it. Here it comes.

Justine: No, I'm gonna cry! *laughs* Guys, it's not nice to laugh at kids getting hurt. Oh my God, I'm crying. I need a tissue. *laughs* Thank you. *laughs*
Someone..oh no! Not another one! *laughs* Guys, can I get arrested for laughing at this?

*dramatic music*

Benny: A lot of these videos end up getting remixed a lot in various ways, so I now have some of those videos. I'm showing a couple of these videos being remixed.

Shane: Great (sarcastically). I hope there's a goat in there.


Felix: How can you remix this? There's..*video game noises*..oh OK

*video game noises*

Anthony: Oh, game over

Hank: Mike Tyson's punch out!

Video: Finish him

Justine: Oh, I love mortal combat.

Video: Fatality! Flawless victory!

Catherine: *laughs*

Hank: I mean, flawless victory, yes. She did win- she was not injured, but not a fatality. Her skull's totally still on the inside of her body.

Video: This is Sparta!

Ingrid: Oh my God, that's so good!

Anthony: *laughs*

Ian: That's really good tracking.

Video: This is Sparta!

Phil: *laughs* Best one!

Ryan: That's the best one.

Video: *dramatic music*

Ian: Gentlemanly

Justine: Aww, he's got a little mustache

Felix: Beautiful

Video: And behold the world ransom for *dramatic music* one million dollars.

Anthony: I've never seen that one!

Ian: That's great.

Video: *dramatic music*

Justine: Light saber? Yesss!

Ian: Always have to have a Star Wars mash-up in there.

Ingrid: These are really good remixes!

Benny: People end up remixing viral videos, and a lot of remixes of the videos that we showed you even. Why is that something that people do?

Justine: 'Cause we think we're so funny.

Ryan: I think it's a way to get views, for one. You know, hit the hot topics while they're hot.

Ingrid: If there's something funny, you just wanna you wanna keep it going for as long as possible.

Hank: 2007, my brother and I have been making videos for like three months. Somebody remixes our content into the theme from the perfect strangers. That was so beautiful to us- to think that we were worthy of someone else putting time into our content.

Benny: So let's talk about these- the one with the animal that does the dramatic turn- What kind of animal is that?

Ryan: uhh dramatic chipmunk!

Justine: It's a groundhog!

Ingrid: Gopher?

Hank: Is it a groundhog?

Andrea: What the *bleep* is it?

Benny: It is a prairie dog.

Felix: I don't even know what that is.

Hank: It is dramatic prairie dog. We are all wrong.

Catherine: Just kidding. Just kidding! I knew, pppff!

Benny: And what happened in the one with the girl and the dog?

Ian: Um, well she said "go" and then she said "bwahh!"

Catherine: She threw something and she commanded that he go.

Hank: The result of which was face-planting and that noise of little girl head hitting concrete.

Ryan: The dog pretty much just did what dogs do and some parent let..some parent didn't mind filming their kid uhh holding onto this leash and pretty much just slamming her face into the ground.

Benny: Do you think that the parents knew what was going to happen?

Ryan: I don't know, but you gotta think to a certain degree, they can't be that smart, you know, any little kid with a big animal that's twice the size of your kid...

Benny: Why do so many people laugh at that?

Shane: Because people hate children. I know I do.

Andrea: People laugh at pain. One time when I was little I was running full speed into the sliding glass whole family was laughing and I literally almost knocked myself out.

Ingrid: I have been attacked by a dog. Like, I have had a dog jump on me and knock me onto the ground, so instead of going face first I, like, went back first, so I can definitely relate to that.

Benny: Where is that internet video of you ff--

Ingrid: I don't..I don't even think the internet was around when that happened.

Benny: Finally, the Jacuzzi. 

Ian: Somebody ate too much Chipotle?

Felix: I looked at it way too fast. I thought was her period at first...

Catherine: This girl's talking and then all of a sudden she felt, she stood up, and then and then and then *bleep*

Ryan: The Jacuzzi video is the only one that I saw today that I still think could be fake. Why are they filming themselves just sitting there in a Jacuzzi? And that's, okay, that's one thing. The second thing is like this brown like like blood- I don't know what it is- starts appearing so rapidly, like you have to have super-diarrhea for that to happen.

Benny: What would you have done if you were in that Jacuzzi?

Hank: Back-flip. Like any like yeah. You don't wanna be there.

Anthony: I wouldn't wanna embarrass them, so I would just stay in there and act like nothing happened, you know. It's like when someone farts in the pool. You don't say anything about it. You're like, you don't want to embarrass them.

Ian: Yes, you do! You're like "You just farted! I saw the bubbles come up, bro! That was you!"

Anthony: *laughs*

Phil: If it was me, I'm just dead. It's over. At that point, I just give up on everything.

Benny: You don't think your internet career could survive a video of you *bleep* in a Jacuzzi?

Phil: I don't if anything, anyone's career could survive. It's the most vulnerable thing. The meanest person on the planet doesn't punch someone in the face while they're taking a *bleep*. It's a very private moment.

*outro music*