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I have the distinction of being the only (?) YouTuber to have two videos that feature Hank Green + poop. I think we're starting to run out of ideas. Please subscribe for new episodes every week! Just a few left :(

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Thanks to Hank Green for making a cameo!

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Gunadie: Hello everyone and welcome to New State Plates. We are coming very close to the end... of this series where we improvise new slogans for each one of the 50 states of America. Today's episode...

Huang: Montana! Check it out. Montana, "the treasure state" or "big sky country".

Gunadie: Let's fix that.

*title plays*

Huang: Swans, moose, elk, deer... they have more mammal species than any other state so pretty much any animal you want to name.

Gunadie: Montana... duck, duck goose.

Gunadie: Montana, swans like a good time.

Gunadie: Montana, you won't deer... leaving.

Huang: Montana, oh deer.

Huang: Montana, our vehicle is the Elk-amedo.

Huang: Montana, if you're having a bad hair day, just use some moose.

Huang: Montana, girls gone wildlife.

Gunadie: Montana, you got wood.

Huang: I was gonna say that... and I'm glad I didn't.

Gunadie: Montana, home to fictional character Montan of Green Gables.

Gunadie: That was for... *incomprehensible*

Huang: Montana, if you can't see this video properly, check your Mon... Mantana.

Gunadie: Montana, remember to where your sunscreen or you'll develop a Montana.

Huang: Montana, I sure have been mountain a lot of things.

Huang: Montana, hardly know 'er.

Huang: Montana, great for if you like mountains... and don't like anything else.

Gunadie: Montana, big sky country. Michigan, dirt.

Huang: And now a special word from the president of Montana.

Green: Montana, we only have one tana.

Green: Montana, Hannah Montana is not from here.

Huang: They only named her that 'cuz it rhymes.

Gunadie: Montana, Hank Green pooped here.

Huang: Hank Green's poop is brown.

Gunadie: Montana, if Hank Green poops in the woods, does anyone hear it.

Gunadie: Hank Green jokes... Hank Green poop jokes, it's very specific.

Gunadie: Montana, treasure state, that treasure is Hank Green's poop.

Huang: Montana, in French it means....

Gunadie: Hank Green's poop.