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Good morning, John. Uh there's somethin’ about this isn't there? Katherine turned to me after finishing your video from this week and she said,  “I was engaged…but I was relaxed.” I think the way we normally do these videos, like, isn't precisely that. I mean I'm not gonna stop doin’ it this way, I like this way. This is the way. This is the Way! But I don't think it's relaxing and, look, I'm gettin’ older maybe the level of energy needs to come down a little bit, sometimes.

A hamstring has to be the most ridiculously named muscle, right? There can't be a worse one than that. Calf is weird, like, it's just, uh, somebody looked at that and was like, “That looks like a small cow.” But at least calf is like a living animal. If it were called a vealstring, then I'd be like, “Yeah that's equally ridiculous to hamstring.” That's-that's the basically the situation we're in with hamstring. That’s gotta be the weirdest one.

I've been working on Project for Awesome perks because it's, uh, it's goin’ up quick. For the last four or five years, we've been making various kinds of spray paint art where we've been using stencils on glass or canvas. And when we were doing that, we also made something by accident. Every year I used the same roll of paper as the drop cloth so you wouldn't get paint on whatever surface we were painting on. And over the years that paper became really beautiful? Like it had all the stencil marks, and then it had scuffs and footprints and some of it started to rip and it was just, like, clear that we weren't going to use this paper again and-and I literally like looked down at it, in the dumpster, and I was like, “I..I can't throw that away.” I took it home and I cut out squares, uh, and then I graffiti-mopped Hankler Fish on a bunch of them and they are the Hankler Fish art this year and they're all signed and numbered. There's 250 of them and I'm excited to share them with people. And of course it's the only time we're gonna be able to do ones like this ‘cause that paper doesn't exist anymore. It's a pretty good trade though I think. And next year, I'll have to figure out something else to do. I'm not sure if that's not an optimistic or depressing, um, but I guess that's what figuring out something else to do is. Both of those things.

So I have a friend, she's a pretty good friend and I go over to her place fairly frequently, um, and, uh, she knows my name, which is weird that I mention that. Go over to her place once to-to meet a new member of her family. She’s got a new dog, it’s extremely cute, brand new dog. Didn’t exist a couple months ago. And she’s like, “This is Hank! Meet Hank.” Uhh, what? What am I supposed to do with this? Like either this is an odd honor that is being bestowed on me or you forgot I existed. This isn’t a dog that came from the pound with a name, this is a new dog that you had an infinite number of names that you could have given. I’m not personally a name-dogs-human names-kind of person. I-my dog was named Lemon, my cats have been named Cameo and Gummy Bear. We don’t run into that problem very often when someone shows up and they’re like, “oh my name’s Gummy Bear too.” I just think, like, avoid the names of people who are going to be at your house a lot and soon. I'm sorry, it’s true. I-i-if you’re watching this, um, just know that I never said anything and then it just sorta pinged around in there for years, until this.

I forgot about gluteus maximus. Gluteus maximus is definitely the most ridiculous name for a gluteus maximus. Like your butt is the Emperor of Rome. Gluteus maximu-what!? 

♩ Oh, do not forsake me, my indolent friends ♩
♩ Oh, do not forsake me though you know I must spend ♩
♩ All my darkest hours talking like this ♩

You know, a lot of people like to say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I like to say, 'If it ain't folk, don't blix it." It's-it's just funnier. John, I'll see ya tomorrow.