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In which John and Hank visit Jamaica and wait to make a video until Hank's camera battery could die AT ANY MOMENT, leading to thrills and spills in this three-cut spectacular.
The Project for Awesome starts FRIDAY!!!

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J: Ok, we’re recording, and we’re almost out of battery, so we don’t know how long this video’s gonna last. Um, cheers.

H: Cheers. Good morning John.

J: Good morning, Hank, it's. 

H: Is this your video or mine because it’s my camera?

J: It’s my video, but you’re gonna edit it.

H: And then upload it on Friday?

J: No no no.

H: I don’t love this.

J: It’s gonna be the first ever, we’re drinking Tingalings.

H: Which is Ting and rum.

J: Yeah a-

H: Ting, Ting is like grapefruit soda from Jamaica.

J: Yeah, which is where we are. We're in Jamaica on vacation and we were thinking, "What's the most radical countercultural thing that two content creators could do in 2023?" And that was to go on vacation and not make content about it.

H: Yeah, we haven't made a single TikTok. I took four pictures and they're all of cats. One, two three, four.

J: Yeah.

H: There they are.

J: Which is, wait, hey who's editing this? Yeah whoa, whoa! I thought we were takin' it down a notch in 2023. Now you're gonna make me put pictures of cats in the video? 

H: Yeah I'll DM them to you.

J: Alright, I'll put a picture of, like, what the ocean looks like, which I think is even bigger news than cats.

H: They're really good cats.

J: Yeah, H-hank and Katherine will look away from a beautiful sunset across the Jamaican

H: Yeah.

J; horizon to be like, "Look at the kitty."

H: No apologies. 

J: It's great. Um, we've had an awesome time. This is, but yeah, we have not collabed at all.

H: We have not made any content.

J: Instead we've been making a different kind of content called "Life."

H: Yeah, well, I'm tryna- I'm also just tryna- it's intere- it's perspective-making. And also

J: Perspective-making

H: I just really like John and Sarah.

J: Yeah.

H: So does Katherine.

J: It's been a good hang.

H: We've just had a lot of fun hanging out.

J: Yeah, that's one of the things that surprises me sometimes is that we don't fake it for the camera. Uh, we genuinely get along.

H: It's so fun.

J: We've had, like, two fights since we became professional partners.

H: You- a lot of them have been forgotten over the years I think

J: I guess we had a fight like two weeks ago, but it was just you being so annoying. I wasn't even like mad at you about anything.

H: You were-, you-, you hadn't slept in like 48 hours. I'm gonna put that on, a little bit on you or the situation.

J: I feel like you were being a little annoying.

H: Earlier,

J: but I was really tired.

H: John bet Sarah a million dollars that this course swung like, uh, 

J: Yeah.

H: like a little, like, uh, a little, like a fun outdoor swing.

J: I asked her-

H: It doesn't .

J: I asked her if she wanted to bet a million dollars and said no because I was so confident.

H: You seemed very confident.

J: And that's part of my trick. It does not swing as it turns out, it's a stationary outside bed, but it's still pretty nice. 

H: Yeah, this, we have now been going for 2 minutes and 52 seconds

J: Yeah.

H: This battery light is blinkin' red .

J: I mean, it's, this is exciting for the viewer and for us

H: Uh-huh.

J: except they actually know when the video's

H: Yeah.

J: gonna end.

H: Yeah, yeah. You should probably just say, "Hank, I'll see you on Friday," just in case.

J: Hank, I'll see you on Friday.

H: Ok, we'll keep going though

J: Ok.

H: until

J: Alright.

H: what happens.

J: I thought this was gonna be a no-cut video, and you've now been making me do the end in the middle and the middle in the end-

H: No you just end it, it doesn't make it, you just cut there and that's the end.  

J: Ok.

H: Yeah.

J: Alright. A- I feel like I'm gonna have to put at least three cuts in this thing, 

H: I'm definitely-

J: four cats, and some ocean.

H: Definitely cats are important

J: The Project for Awesome starts on Friday, we're extremely excited about that. Part of the reason we've been on vacation is to center ourselves,-

H: Get ready.  

J: calm, come to the Project of Awesome from a place of lots of energy because it both takes energy and gives it, uh, so it's gonna be intense. 48-hour livestream extravaganza, starts noon on Friday.

H: You've missed it.

J: What did I miss?

H: It's four minutes and one second now .

J: Oh, a- we're already gonna have to do cuts.

H: Ok, I thought you were really gonna try to do a no-cut spectacular.

J: Well you-you, once I've got to put in a picture of a cat, Hank, I might as well just spend 4 hours editing a YouTube video. You know what? Cancel the vaca-