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Dr. Doe answers the internet's weirdest sex questions as sung by Rhett & Link. Sponsor promotion: Use the discount code DOE at to get 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on your entire order in the US & Canada. *Certain exclusions apply. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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I’m Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this sex curious show, Sexplanations. This episode is sponsored by the very generous and  internationally accessible sex  toy store:

Oh I missed you! I missed you. Felicity Azura asked,  “Can you answer all the sex  ed questions in this video?” where long time YouTubers Rhett and Link and their colleagues Josh and Emily share the internet’s so-called weirdest sex questions through song.

But they don’t answer them. So let’s answer them! [SCRIBBLING SOUNDS] If both partners have long  pubes, do they get tangled? How would you get them apart?

I don’t know of hair from  two or more people tangling. This includes pubes to pubes or  head to head when you’re hugging. I suppose it’s possible,  especially if there’s  jewelry or a sticky substance but generally it’s not something  you need to worry about.

Please tell me in the comments if I’ve misspoken. After applying conditioner to  your head hair, you can always use  what’s left on your hands to condition your pubes as long as you’re careful not to  get the product inside the genitals. Does the hair down there go gray?

Yes. Pubic hair does go gray  or white or silver for multiple reasons, mainly with age as the body loses the melanin which colors the skin and hair. The gray could also be genetic — white pubed parents, white pubed offspring — a symptom of Vitamin B12  deficiency, or other health factors  like smoking and stress, which  are both linked to going gray.

It could be hyperthyroidism  and autoimmune diseases. Less common explanations include  fungal growth called white piedra  or the eggs of pubic lice  that make the hair look gray. [BABY VOICE] All those little nit babies on the hair… [SQUEAL]  If your  head goes bald, do you lose all of your pubes too? Hair does tend to thin with  time including the thinning  or even balding of the pubic area, but it’s possible to go bald and stay  bushy — just like having a bald head  and a hairy back or chest or face,  with hair coming out of the ears.

Exceptions to this would be  people who have intentionally  removed their pubes — shaving,  waxing, electrolysis, etc. — or those who have undergone  a procedure like chemotherapy  which causes hair all over the  body to thin and/or fall out. Is it normal to have one long  pubic hair in the genital region? Yes.

Puberty may start with one long hair on your mons. Normal. One sticking out longer than the rest, also normal.

Pubes are in different growth  phases, and so one might be  at the beginning of its cycle  while another is at its peak. The typical length range is 1-4 centimeters, so one 3.81 centimeter unicorn pube? YEAH!

Normal. What is pubic hair there for? I already made a video about this!

If a woman has a threesome and an STD, can the STD travel through the woman and through the man, and infect the third person? “Travel through” isn’t how I would describe it. But yes, infections can be  transmitted through genitals. Like a threesome between my mouth and these peens.

Sexually transmitted infections can go from this one to my mouth to this one. If you intercourse longer, is a baby born bigger? Birth size is related to the  “mother’s” size, age, and health,  circulatory system, substance use, blood sugars.

At this time it isn’t known if  there’s a positive correlation between  duration of intercourse and the  resulting infant’s birth weight. Is it oral sex when you talk about sex? If that’s true, are we doing it now?

I also have a video on this! Can you catch an STD over the phone? No.

Unless you’re having sex on top of a phone. As you know they’re flat these days, so you might just [CLAP SOUND] on the phone. Can you run out of sperm?

If you’re able to produce sperm, having sex, wet dreams, and masturbating isn't gonna cause you to “run out.” But 1% of the population does experience azoospermia or absence of sperm either because the testicles don’t make the sperm or because the sperm doesn’t leave the body. Can’t get out. They’re just… ahhhh!

This video explains ejaculation. Why do they make noises when  having sexual intercourse? Cue video about sex noises!

So the teacher told us wearing  two condoms is actually  less effective because of the increased friction, and a top mind in my class asked, “If you go fast enough, could you start a fire?” No. The condoms would tear before enough friction at high speed thrusting could cause low flammability objects to spark — like vulvas, anuses, condoms — which is why they aren’t effective if there’s friction. The condoms break.

Can you use a Skittles bag as a condom? Please don’t! [SKITTLES WRAPPER CRINKLING] Is this comfortable for anyone? [SKITTLES WRAPPER CRINKLING] I don’t want these sharp edges in my cooch. Do they make chicken flavored condoms?

A marketing campaign teased about  chicken tikka masala condoms,  but I don’t believe they  ever went into production. The most savory flavor I’ve  found (not used) is bacon. More often blowjobs are enhanced  with condoms to taste or at least  smell like bananas, strawberries,  vanilla, mint, and grape.

Which you can get at! In an emergency, could a clown use a balloon as a condom? What is the emergency?!

To prevent infections and pregnancy? Probably not. Balloons are not designed for that.

To all the clowns out there, please don’t. Do the balls go into the condoms, too? They can.

All sorts of things can go into condoms, but for condoms to work properly, it is best to roll them down over the shaft and not stretch them over the scrotum. This goes for balls working properly, too. If sperms have tails then why don’t we?

We are not the same as our cells. Video! If sperms don’t have eyes,  then why do we have eyes?

Still the video that’s on the screen! Can you keep a sperm in a jar like pets in a fish tank? Yes.

Here’s me with my jar of sperm. They can live maybe half an hour in a jar. So if you like keeping dead pets, then yes, very similar.

Note: sperm can live inside the body much longer, for closer to five days. If you’re having sex with a girl and she farts, will your balls explode? No. I’m guessing you’re thinking that if she farted during anal sex, and the penis is in the anus  blocking the flow of air out,  the fart would go up the urethra of the penis, through the reproductive tubing to the testicles and KABLAM!

If a fart is that bold, it will more likely push the penis out of the rectum. When the penis goes into  the vagina, does it happen  quietly or does it click like a key in a lock? Either and many more possibilities.

It can be quiet, juicy  sounding, more of a suction,  a clapping or a rustling. It’s like a finger in a mouth. [MOIST MOUTH SOUNDS] The sound depends on the pressure, viscosity, shape, and size of the organs. In sixth grade sex ed class,  Jake raised his hand and asked,  “Can I get an erection and  a boner at the same time?” Jake you get all the stars for your curiosity!

A boner is another word for an erection. Same as a hard-on, a stiffy, and a woody. A fifth grade girl asked “Do erections hurt?

Then the teacher said “no,” and then a fifth grade boy said, “Yes it does if you’re wearing tight jeans.” Yes, yes fifth grade boy! Challenge authority! Inspire them to stay curious.

Stay curious! Ohhh, sponsor! Look, you can go to and you can type the promo code DOE, my last name, D-O-E when you’re going to check out, and you can get 50% off an eligible item plus free shipping in the US and Canada.

They’re a good company! 20% of their profits go to fighting HIV spread. Beep beep. Beep beep. [VIBRATING SOUNDS] ♫ Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep! ♫ Did we talk about how these parts here go into a vagina?

Or an orifice so that it’s a strapless strap-on? And you then have basically a phallus — a dic — coming out of your pelvis? KABAM!

While it vibrates… on the inside… and the clit… whaaaat?! Stay curious! [WITH A LISP] Friction at high speed thrusting… [GIBBERISH] ♫ Hoo hoo, hoo hoo hoo! ♫ Is this how sex happens?

Yeah! Pubes! …tear, before there’s enough friction and — [BLOWS RASPBERRY] Pew pew! I wish I could go all the way around. [MAKES SPINNING SOUNDS WITH MOUTH] [PRETENDS TO BLOW OUT GUNSMOKE]