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Bil Martin's email address was listed incorrectly in the last video. It's drnoise, at gmail. Oooops!

Download the Song!

Add all the numbers in your birthday. (for me 5+5+80=90)

Multiply that number by the first three digits of your area code.

And you have your number...mine is 36540.

Now take the first number of that number (for me...3) and match it with the key below to find out which verse you need to sing along to.

There've been a lot of bad guys
in a lot of good video games
Bowser and your opponent in pong
the pacman ghosts and donkey kong

one bad guy stands alone
he will never tire
he sits there on his blocky throne
he'll be there till you die

Your fingers may move with blinding speed
there may be no game you can't beat
but cant you see that no one can defeat
the man who throws the Tetris piece

Higher Higher No Straight Piece
I need a @#&$&%*$&@# Straight piece!

Out from the sands he became a man
with only one thought and one desire
take over all and terrify the weak
and believe he's the one we all admire

He'll give you everything that you need
he'll pretend that he's your friend you see
he'll give you everything but what you need
the jerk who throws the tetris piece!

falling, building, no straight piece
waiting, praying, This time please!

Buried in ruins, many will fall
and wonder what is the point of it all
how could one be strong yet so weak
as we all wait for him to speak

Levels will come and levels will go
I'm unlimited with the shit I throw
Now you will bow to me as I speak
I'm the man who throws the tetris piece!

Never has there been a villain like the man who throws the Tetris piece!


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Well this is a different view.

I'm usually sitting all the way on the other side of this room and now I'm sitting here, on this side of the room. Good morning John, it's Tetris Day. What is Tetris Day?

Uh, I wanted to show you guys, this is a birthday present from... I've forgotten who, hold on. It was from Helen.

Thank you Helen! Today is Tetris Day because together we're going to an awesome Tetris-related thing right now. For those of you who have been participating in the email version of this project, that's right there's been stuff going on behind the scenes, if you've sent stuff in already it's definitely going to get used.

But we need more! We need a lot more! Now many of you might know that I wrote a Tetris song once, it called The Man Who Threw the Tetris Piece.

I played it on my acoustic guitar and an awesome nerdfighter named Bill Martin, who is Dr. Noise, D-o-c-t-o-r Noise uh, he covered the song in a very sort of hard core fashion, um cue music... [Dr. Noise's The Man Who Throws the Tetris Piece plays throughout the rest of the video] So that's going to be in the background of this whole video so you-you can listen to it.

Now Bill and I have decided that we want to make a Nerdfightastic music video for his version of the Tetris Piece Song! And we need your help we need your help we need your help really bad! We're all going to create Tetris pieces in our own houses.

Tetris pieces are all composed of squares, each one has 4 squares. The squares in these Tetris Pieces will be about 8 inches. [Hank lip-syncs to song and rocks out] Nothing has to be perfect here. Really.

Don't be perfect. Be fast, be awesome, be creative, and be excited! We're going to create the Tetris pieces, and then Nerdfighters from all over world will pretend like they're playing Tetris and then suddenly from out of their TV will pop these Tetris pieces.

Now I'm going to show you an example of how this might look. You can do it your own way, but this is how Katherine and I put it together. [Hank shows example video] And now I'm going to show you how to make the Tetris pieces! The tools you will need: scissors,knife, tape of some kind, a video camera, tape measurer is good, a straight edge, construction paper of varied colors, Sharpie.

Also it occurs to me that you will need permission from your parents to use the knife. Don't stain any of your belongings with uh, your blood. Always cut away from yourself.

Awayyy. [Hank makes Tetris piece] And once you've got your Tetris video finished please send it to: The deadline for submissions is June 14th. June 14th! Finish it by June 14th!

In addition to playing Tetris and getting hit by Tetris pieces, there are some other things that you could do. We're trying to get lip-syncing for the whole song. But instead of having everyone memorize the whole song, we decided to use a mathematical formula to determine what people would sing what verses.

So! If you're going to do a video, check out the lyrics in the sidebar along with a fairly basic mathematical formula that will tell you which verse to memorize and sing while you're playing Tetris slash dancing slash getting up in face of the camera slash being in general, shocked and disturbed and frustrated with the uh, tenacity of the Tetris man. Thank you to everyone who can participate and thank you to Bill for making the excellent song and thank you to Russia for making Tetris.

And also the Tetris song which thankfully is a folk medley and thus not protected under US copyright. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Hoo Haa!

Nerdfighters! John I will see you soon.