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Hank: Livestream number 3.

Michael: It wan't live when you started talking. But it's live now.

Hank: It's live now! We are here at the Project For Awesome, raising money for Save the Children and Partners in Health, on this here first day. We're raising money at the Project For Awesome Indiegogo, which you can get to if you go to and then click on the donate button, that is the only way to find it.

And now the thing that I have to do is tweet the fact that I am here. So that

Off camera female voice:

Hank: Um, twitter. Um, and, we have acquired wax? Tim, tell us about the wax while I tweet.

Tim: It's all-over body wax. And I don't know how comfortable I am shaving my entire legs...

Several off camera voices: Shaving!

Hank: You're not shaving anything!

Off camera: It's hair removal, same thing.

Tim: Uh, yeah flowers (points to picture on box of wax). What does it smell like? Work it. Yeah. My legs are gonna be delicious. I think we should just do like one of my legs, or the outside half of one of my legs, or something.

Hank: You gotta go all the way man.

Tim: I think that, um, the...

Hank: I'll do an arm.

Tim: Okay.

Hank: All right.

Various off camera: Don't do an arm.
I think you should do everything but the beard.

Hank: Why?

Various off camera: Just cause like

Hank: I would, I'm much more worried about the aftereffects than the, the u

Off camera: Who has the hairiest chest?

Hank: Who has the hairiest chest? We're not a bunch of hairy guys.

Various off camera: Nope.

Hank: It might be Tim.

Tim: Nope. (everyone laughs) Definitely not Tim. Hairless internet nerds.

Hank: project...

Michael: Oh, it's doing that thing. Ohh... my root beer is exploding.

Hank: All right. Live stream is live. We are in the live stream and we're live.

And we're back! If we go to the Indiegogo... here at (2:05)