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In which John talks about the Swoodilypoopers standings in the league and lays out the plan for the rest of the season.
Hi. Welcome to a special episode of Hankgames without Hank. I'm gonna give you an update on the current situation of the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers. We just beat Swansea City. As you can see our top scorers Jo... Other John Green has 46 goals, Bald John Green 26 goals. And there are Swindon Town, atop the npower Championship standings, right above Wigan. Unbelievable. We are at the top on goal differential right now, not on anything else. You can also see that among the best scorers in the league continues to be Stone Cold Cteve with the C Austin. And yes, there they are, the Swoodilypoopers. If we finish 1 or 2, we will win, we will go to the Premier League but I'm hoping we can finish 1 because I think there's a financial bonus.

I'm gonna show you the rest of our schedule now. We're playing Hull City next. Then next week we are playing Scunthorpe United, they have a very funny symbol. And then, if I can move forward a month, that is our last game, May 5th, against Leeds United. So essentially I'm gonna play all of these on professional skill level to make it hard but essentially if we win these three games we will be going to the Premier League. And there you see on May 12th the fourth game that we have coming up is the last game of this season. We will already know if we have won the npower Championship and are going to the Premier League, but here is the last game of the season. The F.A. Cup final back at Wembley stadium against Chelsea Football Club. We will be playing Chelsea. Some say the, you know, they will stand in for Manchester United and we will be playing them in the F.A. Cup final where we can finally avenge our terrible loss last season.

So that is really the focus of the club right now and hopefully the focus of you the supporters. Thank you for your support and for watching my weird series where I have invented a life for this team. Best Wishes.