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I wanted a little challenge. Can I make a connection to sex from any random word or phrase? I asked the videographer to say a term without any preparation and I verbalized my train of thought without any scripting or time to really contemplate. It was exciting and taught me something about myself now. Whereas I used to connect everything to sex, I now seem to connect everything to Sexplanations. This is telling. What it suggests is that sex isn't my passion like it used to be. I'm passionate specifically about Sexplanations -- an accessible sex education resource that has a willing and engaged audience that makes the world a better place.

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0:00 Intro
1:34 Broccoli
1:58 Paragliding
2:41 Settlers of Catan
3:20 Sex on the beach
3:55 Large hadron collider
5:15 Dog break!
5:32 Ladybug
6:28 Cardboard
6:41 Women’s rights
7:37 American football
8:13 YouTube play button
9:16 Incense
9:33 Outro
10:43 Bloopers

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