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Hank: Is this good? I’m good, I’m balanced right now.

John: You are scaring the crap out of me. Here at Project for Awesome Headquarters… (Hank dancing) I’m just gonna let that go on forever. (Craig joins in) Wow. Wow. You will see five annotations here, one, two, three, four, five. Those five videos belong to

Corey: Mitchell Davis.

Hank: KassemG

Craig: The Station

FLuffee Talks: Lucas

Michael: And Greg Benson.

Hank: We wanted to do this one because we were amazed by how many sort of big folks got behind the Project for Awesome. We had no idea that Fred even knew what the Project for Awesome was, I means Lucas not Fred, and, uh, so we wanted to say thank you to all those people and then we’re gonna do some smaller folks next time. So we’re gonna leave these up for the next hour or so and move from video to video and be in the comments spam wowing.