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I just put up a video on Saturday! Check it out here:
My live performance at Vidcon 2011 in which I perform Bananas and then the coffee is done. A very big adventure ensues.

Thanks to the fine acting of:
Hank Green
Dave Ackerman
Charlie Mcdonnell
Alex Day
Corey Vidal

Thanks to ApprenticeA for shooting and editing the video portion:
Jim Vaylin
Ethan Wane

Thanks to Matt and Sam and Jeff of Driftless Pony Club for their fine bananamancing

Thanks to Bobby Jones

Thanks to Chyna Pate

Oh, and thanks to Meghan Tonjes for the guitar
Part 1 of 'Competition 101'

Go here: to help get part 2 of my Competition video to 200,000 views so Intel donates $25k to
Wheezy elsewhere:

Thanks for the wink:
Hank Green
(WheezyWaiter Intro plays)

Wheezy: What do you want me to sing?

(Audience yells suggestions)

Wheezy: (?~0:06) bananas, sorry.

(plays Bananas)

(Audience applause)

Wheezy: So I asked Hank if I could be on the mainstage so I can have the opportunity to divulge my seventeen deepest darkest secrets.  

So secret #1, when I was seven years-- wait... I think the coffee's done, I love it when the coffee's done! Oh my God, nerimon?

Nerimon: Hello?

Wheezy: Oh, big fan, big fan, I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta get to the coffee.  

Oh no! I gotta get the coffee!

Interviewer: Oh, Wheezy!

Wheezy: Hey.

Interviewer: Hey!  

Wheezy: I gotta run.  Coffee's done.

Interviewer: Oh.  Oh.

(Runs through cheering crowd)

Corey Vidal: Wheezy!

(Duels Wheezy's frying pan with an umbrella)

Wheezy: There's no time!

Corey: Sorry!

(Wheezy continues running)

Wheezy: Coffee!

Dave Ackerman: Craig!

Wheezy: Scratchmybackerman, what are you eating?  

Dave: We're brothers!

Wheezy: No, we're not.

Dave: We're brothers!

Wheezy: No, we're not.

Dave: We are brothers.

Wheezy: (very far) We're not brothers.

How'd you get in here?  

Hank Green: I'm the King of Vidcon, I can get into every room.

Wheezy: You can take my room, but you'll never take my coffee. (Punches Hank, takes coffee, runs out of the room, dives into pool)

Charlie McDonnell: Oh, Craig's not actually coming, we filmed this yesterday.  I'm just eating his leftovers.

(Wheezy runs back into room to applause)

Wheezy: (spits) Tastes like Hank backwash.

(WheezyWaiter endscreen plays)