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Check out for the official thumbnail and more info on the P4A.

We'll be featuring some of the best videos all day on December 17th on:

And be sure to tune into the liveshow at noon EST on December 17th at:

Thank you to the YouTube partners who helped us with this video:
Hank Green:
Michael Buckley:
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Zach King:
Kaleb Nation:
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Tony V:
Tay Zonday:

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We hope you join us for the Project for Awesome and, of course, don't forget to be awesome!

Hey! I'm Hank Green. 

-Hi, I'm Michael Buckley.

-Hello, I'm Shira Lazar from Partners Project.

-Hey, my name is Final Cut King.

-Hi. I'm Kaleb Nation.

-Hey, I'm Karen Kavett.

-'Sup, I'm Tony V from Blackbox TV.

-Hey! I'm Tay Zonday.

Hank: Project for Awesome is the one time a year when YouTubers together create videos to promote charities.

Shira: We, of course, want to raise awareness about your favorite charities and drive donations.

Tay: Some of my favorite causes are making technology accessible...

Final Cut King: ...providing children education around the world... 

Kaleb: ...providing health care to people who can't afford it...

Final Cut King: ...homelessness, the environment...

Tay:, and human rights.

MichaelYou can do any charity you want. It's your channel, your charity, your choice. 

Hank: This year, we want everybody who creates videos, whether you're a pro or you're just starting out, to make a Project for Awesome video and upload it on December 17th at noon, eastern time (ET). 

Shira: Include the tag #p4a2011.

Tony: And, of course, use the P4A thumbnail.

Hank: 'Cause that is how we will be finding them.

Michael: After that, it's so much fun because we all comment, like, favorite, and share videos with everyone from around the world!

Karen: You can check out some of the best Project for Awesome videos at And you can also watch the Project for Awesome live show at 

Hank: It's nice once a year to use this platform (which is, of course, you know, always used for awesome stuff) to go beyond just doing awesome things and work to decrease sucky things as well. 

Michael: It is the absolute most fun day out of the YouTube year and the day where the YouTube community really shines the brightest. 

Tay: I'm so happy to be a part of Project for Awesome and hope you consider being a part of it, too.

Karen: So happy Project for Awesome, and DFTBA!

Michael: Don't forget to be awesome!

Tony, Final Cut King, and Kaleb: Don't forget to be awesome!!