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In which Hank and Katherine work together to create a necessarily imperfect but still absolutely wonderful thing.

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Hank: Katherine, why did you get me this? This? Was it for my birthday or...? Where, where did it come from?

Katherine: Oh my God, I cannot remember where I got that. I cannot remember where I got that.

H: I know you got it for me.

K: Yes. I know that as well. (Laughs) I can't remember where I got it.

H: So it's on two sheets. That's, this is gonna, this is a really complicated one. All you need is tweezers. Luckily I have a wife who sometimes pulls eyebrows out of her head.

K: Oh, I do have a tweezers, yes.

H: So I got tweezers. Give me the things like this. Here's all the instructions. No, here's all the instructions. That's... I don't know what that... This is, this seems to be (mumbles)... Where's the beginning? Where's step one, you guys? Step one. Step one? Step one.

The hardest part is often breaking the little bits out. This is made by a company called Metal Earth. It's a "From steel sheets to museum quality 3D models". I don't know what exactly makes them museum quality, you guys, but... I'm gonna put them in my museum though, that's what's important. They have these little triangular points of attachment that you just have to wiggle back and forth until they break. Ah yes, I got that one. And then once you get the first one out it's very easy to do.

"In order to avoid possible injury from sharp edges, please carefully discard the metal sheet after parts have been removed." OK. "Needle-nose pliers are helpful for assembly". I'm using tweezers. Why are there different colors? What do the different colors mean, Katherine?

K: (Makes noise)

H: Maybe they're different colored because they look similar to other pieces. And they don't want you to be confused. Oh, needle-nose pliers as well.

K: Look at that.

H: I think tweezers are good, though. So that's one.

K: That's a weird angle.

H: I know, I don't have a tripod in this house so I'm just doing this. Hi, it's my face.

K: It doesn't seem like the lighting is very good.

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H: No, lighting's super bad.

K: OK. I'm trying to remember where I got that thing.

H: Was it while I was out of town?

K: I think so. I think it was when...

H: Ooh, light.

K: Is that better or not?

H: Eh. Who cares?

K: Not really. When my mom or your mom were here, maybe?

H: Right.

K: And we were at some sort of...

H: And I was at, I was at VidCon.

K: Yes, VidCon. That's why you were out of town.

H: How did you feel about me being at VidCon?

K: Fine. Until you came back real, real sick.

H: I was so sick.

K: Then I was not happy.

H: OK. (Coughs) I'm already not very good at this.

K: (Laughs) Do you want a hand? Can I, can I help interpret?

H: You can certainly, you can certainly help.

K: Does that go on it?

H: Oh, well, b... I haven't done all the things yet, I feel like.

K: Well, OK. So...

H: So I go, go to one.

K: Go to step one. Yeah.

H: Yeah. But I haven't done this. It doesn't look like that. Oh. Oh.

K: 'Cause number two...

H: OK. So the first... Oh. Oh. There's, like, a whole thing that comes out. (Katherine laughs) And then those stay sticking up, these stay sticking up, straight up. They stay sticking straight up.

K: That's what the arrows would seem to indicate.

H: Yeah. And then these, these little tabs, are supposed to go in those little holes which is hard to do.

K: Oh man.

H: Step one, man, step one.

K: Step one, page one. Yep.

H: Assembly flow chart.

K: Yep. Those little tabs are supposed to go in this little hole right here.

H: Mhmm.

K: Wholly.

H: I'm gonna take this thing out.

K: Nugs.

H: It's the next thing that we have to put in. (Sings Star Wars Cantina Band song)

K: I can't even see it.

H: Just do it, Katherine.

K: I can't even see it! To, like, achieve...

H: I've done this before, I did the Space Shuttle one. It's possible.

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K: This is the jankiest.

H: But hey, it's Poe Dameron's X-Wing, it looks bad. 

K: It's in there.  You know what, it's in there.

H: It's gonna look real cool.  All the little imperfections will just blend in right with the whole thing.

K: Yeah.  Ohhhh, I knew that was gonna happen!

H: Everything okay?  Did it break?

K: Yep.  Totally broke.

H: Ohh, it broke off.

K: Just snapped right off.

H: Ohhhh.

K: Yep.

H: Well, he's down one laser cannon.  Doesn't feel good, does it? 

K: It doesn't feel good.

H: Ah, I'm sorry.  You're off. 


H: Real pissed off.  I just want you to know from the other room, I'm pissed off, I am.

K: Not feeling super happy.  (?-43:00) 

H: Still recovering?

K: (?-43:05)

H: I don't know, man.  I don't know.  I think I put mine on backwards, though. 

K: Hahaha!  Oh my God. 

H: Did I?  I did.  I did!  I did.  It's--he's got a rear-facing blaster gun.  I'm just puttin' it on.  I'm just puttin' it on, rear-facing or not, it's fine.  It's fine.

K: It's fine.

H: Looks good. 

K: (?-43:46) shoot behind you. 

H: Yeah, why not.

K: Right?

H: You've gotta have at least one facing that way.  There's always people behind you, why not?  More advanced design, Katherine.  This is the next generation starfighter. 

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H: This gun, the one on the top, without a laser beam on it, it's actually a photon-torpedo cannon, like from Star Trek.  Alright, I'm tightening what I believe to be the last piece onto the X-Wing. 

K: One, two, three, four, five, yes, there were five of them. 

H: Hm.  Not needed.  It's difficult and we did it together through hard work and communication.  Ran out of batteries in my phone after running it--no, out of memory card space on my phone after running out of batteries in my camera, but we're done!  We're done, we're done.  We're done.

K: It's the worst X-Wing ever.

H: It's not that bad.  It does have the one backwards laser beam.  And one no laser beam.  But it has a lot going for it.

K: This side's okay. 

H: Yeah, just put that side towards the investors.

K: This side's okay, I guess. 

H: Look how dope it is, though. 

K: So good.

H: I think we did great.

K: (noises)

H: Give it a little scratch?

K: (noises)

H: I just got a low battery notice on my phone.  This is the hardest, most awful video I've ever made.

K: Worst video I've ever made.

H: It's imperfect.

K: Strong.

H: Strong?

K: No.  It's vibrant. 

H: Oh.  Where are we going with these adjectives?

K: I don't know.

H: It really does need to be going the other way.

K: We're really sleepy.

H: There, that's better.  It's going this way, it's much better.  The cockpit does not--it just rests on there.  But it could have been a lot worse.

K: There's a missing--

H: Yes.  Yes.  The astromech droid is missing. 

K: Droid person.

H: BB-8, maybe?  I'm not sure who that's supposed to be. 

K: That plane butt's pretty good though.

H: Yeah, great job with the plane butt.  We worked together, hard work and communication.

K: Did we?

H: Yeah, and like, when it got hard, we worked together through it and we made each other laugh.

K: I had to go lay down a few times.

H: You did have to go lay down.  But we held it--you know, we took over for each other and uh, this is really wobbly, super wobbly, wrah, wrah, wrah, wrah.

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K: Through all the struggles, I mean, at least we knew that we had each other.

H: We had each other and we worked hard to create a beautiful but imperfect thing.

K: We really--

H: You're never--you're never gonna be perfect.  If we can do this, we can do anything.

K: Indeed, I mean, look at this one, too.

H: It was really hard, my hand hurts.

K: It's pointing down.

H: A little bit.  Yeah, I mean--

K: This one's pretty good.

H: Those were just asking for trouble, like, that, I would love to see someone do better than this. 

K: Well.

H: With the tools we had. 

K: And our, um.

H: On their first try.

K: Yeah, limited capabilities.

H: I think it's great. 

K: It's--

H: Look at how sparkly it is.

K: Yeah, it could be worse.  Could really be worse.  I mean, it's clearly an X-Wing.

H: No, there's no doubt about that.

K: There is that.

H: Yep.  I think it's fantastic.

K: It's not not an X-Wing.

H: Yeah.  No.  I'm putting it on my shelf at work.

K: Fly right into the space face here.

H: Yeah, whoo, into the nebula, whaoo.   Yeah, whoooph, blublublublubluh.  So, with us having a child, um, I think that we needed to go through some team-building exercises. 

K: Oh, this is, this is, this was, this was practice?

H: Yeah.  This is our first go round at loving something enough to make it, you know, to make it work, no matter what.  And it went pretty well. 

 (48:00) to (50:00)

H: So good practice, and I'm proud of us.

K: Yeah.

H: But um, what do we wanna say about the impending arrival of a child, of an offspring of Hank and Katherine?

K: Uh.  That's a thing.  That's happening.

H: Yeah, a thing's happening.  We don't want it to be a super big deal.  I mean, of course, in our lives, it'll be a super big deal.  But uh, not in social internetland, which is why it was preceded by an hour of us building an X-Wing. 


H: So that's--

K: Good luck to us all in the future.

H: It's like, sometime before November.

K: Let's hope this is not--

H: Too indicative.

K: --an indication of how things will go.  One missing foot and one backwards leg.

H: One on backward. 

K: You know, what is ideal? 

H: Yeah.

K: There is no such thing.

H: No, yeah, you have to roll, like, when the tab breaks, when the--

K: You gotta just step away for a second, 'cause maybe you might punch someone.

H: That's right.  And when you've put it all together and it turns out you've put it on backwards, you just have to take it all apart and sometimes the astromech droid gets destroyed and you're just like, hey, let's put it on upside down and no one will ever know the difference.

K: They won't, and--

H: And sometimes you put it together in the wrong order and the cockpit is a little bit loose, and that's, you can't fix that, and it's okay.

K: Yeah, you can't fix that.

H: But I'm very happy to be having a baby with you.


H: And uh.

K: Cool.

H: Cool?

K: Cool good.  'Cause it's happening.

H: Yeah, yeah, which is why if you've seen that I'm not on the guest list for NerdCon:Stories, it's 'cause I'll be here, 'cause that's right around the due date.  And that's a weird video that we made. 

K: Congrats. 

H: To you.

K: To make--yeah.  Me.  Congrats to me.

H: Good job, me. 

K: And you and--

H: Yeah.

K: Poe Dameron's X-Wing.

H: Poe Dameron's X-Wing.  And the people at MetalEarth who did a very good job putting this together, except that there should be a warning on the label.

K: It had so much potential.

H: Do not think this is going to look like the picture on the package. 

K: Try again.

H: I wanna try again!  Alright, well don't--

K: No, no, because you only get one chance.

H: You only get one chance.  That's right.

K: You get what you get. 

H: You get what you get and you have to love what you get.  I want another chance, that's where I came from, my parents were like, I want another chance.  I wanna try again.  We can do better next time.

 (50:00) to (51:34)

K: First time didn't--turned out a little off.

H: Turned out--yeah, a little weird.  A little loose.  Alright.

K: Good night.

H: Not--good night. 

K: I'm ready for bed now please.

H: Not what you expected out of this video.  Pew pew pew.

K: Pew pew.

H: Pew pew.  Pew pew.  Laser beams.