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Just an idea...not sure if it will work. But please head here: and + comments that you think bring something to the conversation even if they aren't controversial. You can do this both in "top comments" and in "newest comments."

If it seems like it's helpful, let's keep doing it. If not, I'll make a video about why I think it didn't work :-)
Hi. So, m-the video has gone pretty well actually. Ah, in-like, like to dislike ra-ratio is pretty good. Right now, what's happening is it's on the trending list, uh, at, which I didn't really want to happen, but I guess it's OK for more people to be seeing it. Uh, definitely getting good responses as well as bad ones, but, ah, once it's outside the base community then you get a lot more, like, the only people commenting are the ones who disagree kind of comments. And, uh, and that's frustrating, but those aren't really being pushed to the top of the page.

Th-I think that, I've been frustrated for a long time about how the Google comment algorithm's working, and it's gotten better. But it rewards controversial comments, because it rewards comments that  get a lot of replies. I don't know exactly how this works. No one does, and, but I can't change it. Um, and I have felt powerless in the fact that I can't change it. But I have just realized that the whole, the whole like history of Youtubers on YouTube is yes, you can't change the platform but you can change how you interact with it and you can fool it. You can mess with it. You can surprise it. You can do things that it doesn't expect to end-to get the end result you want. 

And what we're, where we're at right now is that we get a lot of comments that are positive and people are like, like at, I like that comment I like that comment, click the like button but you don't reply to that comment because you agree.  And sometimes I will reply to that comment because my like my reply is worth more than the average reply in the algorithm, I have notice this that if I reply to a comment as Vlogbrothers it pops it up to the top of the list and more people get to look at it. So sometimes I'll just reply good thoughts and just a way of pushing it up to the top and what I did just now, there was a comment from a person who had just moved to the US from Africa and she said that she had become black for the first time.  Because in Africa where she lived it wasn't that you didn't think about your skin colour because everybody had the same skin colour or everybody was a person of colour.  So I thought that was a really interesting comment and I didn't really know how to respond to it exactly except to say like "Interesting comment, I would like for more people to see this" so instead of doing anything in particular I just I just put a plus sign which was like saying like but but it was faster and it was easier and hopefully it means, it shows that like, I am I am plusing this.  And that has a greater weight in the comment promotion algorithm than clicking the like button.  So what I would like Nerdfighteria to do in order to make the comments in this community better instead of replying I mean it's fine to reply to controversial comments and to have a conversation about that but I also want to feature comments that aren't controversial but are, do bring something to the conversation that's really positive.  So I would like for from now on forever, if you see a comment on a Vlogbrothers video that you like, and that you want there to be more of and that you want more people to see, then you just put a little plus as a reply and I'm really interested to see how the YouTube comment algorithm responds to this and whether or not we can get Nerdfighteria deciding what kind of comments should be promoted instead of the YouTube comment algorithm deciding what comments should be promoted and those comments not being the ones that we necessarily want everyone who is coming to this community to see.  That's my thought.  Please go to my most recent video, find comments that you appreciate and you think more people should see, whatever those are and give them a plus (+) and let's see how that goes.  Everybody, go do that.  Let's game the system.  Let's have a fun time.  Let's see if this works.  I don't know if it will but maybe it will.  Sounds like a good time to me.  Okay bye.