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In which John discusses the nerdfighter census and make and impassioned case for the Puff. Be part of the census here:

Also, there are book towers. And three recommended reads:

1. Ta-Nehisi Coates's book Between the World and Me

2. The Bail Trap, exploring how bail leads to the disproportionate jailing of poor people in the U.S.

3. This haunting account of a 14-year-old boy in solitary confinement in a U.S. prison:

And here is a GIF of a puppy's first jump:

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Good morning Hank it's Tuesday! 

So many Nerdfighters made amazing book towers that I figured I should give it a try myself so let's head up to the library. By the way Hank, I have a library.

While I have this voice-over opportunity, I want to recommend three recent reads. First Ta-Nehisi Coates's amazing book Between the World and Me which I cannot stop thinking about. Second, The Bail Trap link in the dooblydoo an article in The New York Times that explores one of the reasons people in poverty are disproportionately imprisoned in the United States. And third, another article in The New York Times about a fourteen year old boy locked in solitary confinement which I found chilling and deeply upsetting. 

Also since those are all tough reads, I recommend a GIF of a puppy jumping for the first time, link in the dooblydoo.

AAAHHH Dangit!! 

Well there you have it Hank, couldn't build a house of cards in 2007 and can't build a house of books in 2015, some things never change.

Okay, insert artful transition here, Hank I took the Nerdfighter Census survey yesterday, great survey as always but I felt like some of the questions weren't inclusive of me, like the question "Do you follow John on Twitter?" I just didn't know how to answer that because technically I don't, but I also kinda feel like I do. I mean, I see most of John's tweets. Also, you asked me whether I watch videos at school, which I don't, because that would be creepy, but not whether I watch videos at work.

Which I do because technically, like, watching Akilah Hughes get drunk and review books is my job, well that and semi-professional FIFA playing.

Speaking of which Hank, behold the wonder of the John Green Stand at AFC Wimbledon's stadium. Okay Hank but there was one question I did not appreciate at all, question twenty five, the one where you pit my beautiful unwavering puff against your fancy new hair style by asking "Who has better hair, Hank or John?".

Now Hank we use the Nerdfighter Census every year to figure out what topics we should cover on Crash Course and what sort of videos we should make on Vlogbrothers and it helps us to understand the interests and passions of Nerdfighteria
and I'm so grateful to everyone who fills it out but I don't want to submit my hair to a popular vote.

In fact Hank, just seeing that question made me go out and and get this haircut, and I'm worried that soon, in an attempt to impress Nerdfighteria and win their pileous support, we'll have an ever escalating arms race, like the US and the Soviets did in the 1980s, only with hair instead of nuclear weapons. Until eventually one of us goes bankrupt and our empire collapses. Is that what you want Hank? And yes, I did just use the word pileous, meaning of or relating to hair. This whole hair thing is making me so anxious that my vocabulary is coming out. Hank, one of the weirdest and most beautiful things about Nerdfighteria is that in eight years, they've never allowed us to have, like, a proper sibling rivalry. It's never been about Team Hank or Team John, it's always been about Team Hank And John. Or as I prefer to think of it, Team John And Hank. But you put that question in the survey Hank, so I guess you want a contest, and you're gonna get one.

Here's the thing about John's hair, Hank. You may not always agree with it, but you have to respect it's honesty. John's hair, the Puff, has remained fundamentally unchanged over the last eight years, it grows and shrinks with my anxiety levels but at it's core, the Puff is the Puff. This is hair without product or artifice or gimmicks, I'm not sure you can say that about Hank's hair, but I'm not going to run a negative campaign. You're never going to hear me say "Hank, what's it like having a haircut that Tyler Oakley discarded in 2011?" And I would never point out that Hank has the haircut of a young Republican and the face of a de-mustachioed Leon Trotsky. Nope, you'll never hear that from me because my hair is keeping it positive. Let me just submit that a vote for John's hair is a vote for stability, and brotherhood, and unity. So friends, please fill out the 2015 Nerdfighter Census, and when you do, consider the Puff. Also if you have a job please fill out the Nerdfighter Census because right now I can't tell if it's selection bias or if the unemployment rate in Nerdfighteria is actually 85 percent, which would be quite worrisome, it would put us at the very bottom of like, uh, all countries.

Hank, you're a good brother and you have good hair. It's just not this good. I'll see you on Friday.