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In which Hank shares the spectacular results for the 2015 book tower challenge...actually I only share a small percentage of the results because there were SO MANY! I downloaded all of them, but the ones I included in the video were just a random selection.

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Hank: Good morning, John

First, I don't have time to analyze the whole census right now. I really wish I did. And I'm going to. But right now I don't have time 'cause there's a lot to do today.

But I will say: That until your unnecessarily negative campaign started, my hair was winning handily and now, surprise, surprise, it's losing.

Obviously this isn't a thing that matters. It's not a big deal.
But I will say that if my hair ends up losing it is an indictment to the entire process of democracy.

If you look at the daily trends, and yes! You can look at daily trends! I love this survey, I'm so excited to analyze it!

My hair was kicking your hair's butt, everyday, until you made your video.

Second, book towers. Oh. My God. We got so many amazing, astounding book towers. Like, there was almost 900 book towers sent to And they are all beautiful. Some of them make me uncomfortable with how amazing they are.

To all the people who were able to make Book Towers: Thank you for putting your time and effort into it. I'm very sad that there can only be ten winners. But that's the rule I made up. So, where would we be without rules?

I will say though, that many of the winners appeared to be violating one of the rules, which is: Don't do anything that might be dangerous. And I can't imagine you built these towers without standing on one of the steps of the ladder that says "This is not a step".

But I don't have any way of knowing that for sure, so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't do anything dangerous. Fingers crossed.

(phone noise) Who texted me?

Without further ado, though here are the winners for the tallest towers. We have Abby at #1 with a 483 centimeter tall tower. She says that no part of the tower is touching the wall and I'm trusting her.

This one from Abby, Emma, Drew, Sue and Rob. This one from Scott. This one from Pete. This one from Josh. And we're gonna add in Steve  just because Josh and Steve's were very close together.

Choosing most styling was ridiculous difficult because, of course, it's subjective and there were a lot of amazing submissions. But here's what we're going with:

We've got Heather and Michelle's Nerdfighter sign and DFTBA. Lauren's Christmas tree of books. "The Arched Tower of Twists", from Morton, "The Rocket", from Alexa Vlada. And Abby and Katie's amazing recreation of Minas Tirith. Which, remarkably, was not the only recreation of Minas Tirith that was submitted.

I had to have two honorable mentions, though. One, for engineering which goes to Brian because this book tower doesn't look like it should work. That's just really remarkable to have a three legged book tower this tall.

And the other goes to the Nerdcrafteria Minecraft server which had over 30 people working for days to build this really remarkable Minecraft book tower. That I have very much enjoyed exploring and it's full of surprises.

If you wanna go check. it. out.,  so you can go to

Third thing. NerdCon:Stories is coming up, and I recently was talking about it and I said Cassandra Clare was gonna be there. She's not. I was wrong. I apologize. But there are gonna be many other amazing people there.

We've got Holly Black, Mara Wilson, M.T. Anderson, the Welcome to Night Vale folks, Nalo Hopkinson, Jacqueline Woodson, Rainbow Rowell, John Scalzi, Stephanie Perkins, Pat Rothfuss and me and John. And more and more and more. It's gonna be great.

Fourth. Let's go get on an airplane! Okay, bye.

Hank: You're never on Vlogbrothers anymore.

Katherine: How about that.

Hank: But you're on Snapchat all the time. (Katherine laughs)


John: Hi

Hank: John I'll see you on, um-

John: Now!