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2015 Nerdfighteria Census: thank you to all who participate!

Send book towers to Subject line: "Book Tower: 999 cm" - Deadline is next Wednesday!

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Good morning, John, it's Friday. So we've been doing this stuff for eight years now on You... Hello there. Hi. Corn dog. Hi. Ahmm. Yaahh. Why are you... Haaah. Hmm. Aah! Okay. That was weird. I, I was... Aah! (Sigh)

The universe apparently wants me to do something not in this chair and with these books.

(Music plays)

1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4


I remember when I was a young man, my momma took me to the store-

125 cm. But no reason to stop there!

-my pants are too bright, too dark, too baggy, too light-

Aughhh, auh, auh, auhhhh.

-whatever you choose will be right.

155 cm, everybody, 155 cm, now let's go for another level, because you can't build a giant tower and just leave it there. You have to see how far you can go.

and the first time I read Thoreau-

Okay, Book of Merlin is on, which opens up the opportunity for another thing to get stacked on here.

It doesn't mean anything.

Let's go with this.

That I try not to say too much just with my clothes.

Ohhhh! Well, it had to happen. The question is, can ya beat me?

So first I wanna apologize for the amount of underwear that I showed while constructing my book tower. That was both unintentional and embarrassing but I'm certainly not gonna go rebuild an entire book tower just so I can go put on a belt and do it so that you don't see the clothes that happen to cover up my bottom.

Second, I made a book tower that was 155 cm tall, and I believe that that is not as tall as a book tower can be, so I would like you to beat me. The five highest towers and the five most stylin' towers will win a special gift package sent directly to your house from me.

Rules: You cannot use any kind of adhesive or clamps or anything that binds the books together. It has to be composed of loose books. Rule number two: You cannot hurt yourself or do anything that might cause you to hurt yourself please. Three: You can only use books, but you can pool together books from multiple sources. Four: You have to have a tape measure and you have to measure in centimeters because inches are dumb and I cannot believe that we still use any kind of measurement system that is not based on the numerical system that we use of base-10. Base-12? Why are there 12 inches in a foot?

To enter, send a picture of your book tower, with the subject "Book Tower" and then the height of your book tower in the subject line to 

And lastly, it is time for the Nerdfighteria Census. This'll be the third annual, we've been doing it since 2013, and the idea is just so that the community can get to know itself better, know what it is, know who it is, I can do an analysis, know what you want from this. We can better plan any future tour that we might do so that we know where people are, and this year, for the first time, we actually talked to some researchers who are doing some science and we had them put in a few questions which will help them better understand the world and the people in it, so that's cool. It's not an insignificant thing, it takes a little while to do, like 10-30 minutes, but we really appreciate it when people do do that, and there's a link in the description if you wanna go and do it, so thank you, we appreciate that. Looking forward to seeing all your book towers and, John, I'll see you on Tuesday.