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Happy dance video shot and edited by Brent Kore My coach was and the ball of unicorn suck was designed by nerdfighter extraordinaire Karen Kavett:

In which John discusses his son Henry, the Project for Awesome 2010, his appearance on Jeopardy, and does his happy dance all around his hotel in Los Angeles. Thanks to everyone who was part of the p4a this year.


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Good morning Hank, it's Wednesday. So last week was one of the worst weeks of my life: Henry was really super-sick and we were very scared and also he was crying all night every night so we were staying up all night and it was just ... misery. Plus I was worried the Project for Awesome wouldn't raise any money and the website would break and it would be a total failure and all of nerdfighteria would hate us and exile us to the island of Elba. Like you know how the world's largest ball of stamps is in Omaha, Nebraska? Well, last week it felt like the world's largest ball of suck was here, at my house. But then things started to change. First and most importantly, Henry got better. Then the Project for Awesome generated more than 3,000 P4A videos and raised more than 135,000 $. It probably raised much more than that, but that's how much we can confirm. I mean, Hank, I'm pretty sure that 135,000 $ is a lot of money, although admittedly I'm not a mathematician. I have an idea. I'm calling Brotherhood 2.0 Resident Mathematician and State Representative of elect Daniel Biss. (on the phone) So here's what I wanna ask today: In your opinion as a professional mathematician who has been published in the annals of mathematics, is 135,000 $ a lot of money? (after Daniel said "Yes") Yes! We did it! So we raised a lot of money and then, then, then, I was on Jeopardy. So made-of-awesome nerdfighter librarian named Julia Collins was on Jeopardy yesterday and she did not know the question for final Jeopardy. So calmly and confidently she wrote on her little tablet: "Who is John Green?" as a subtle shout-out to nerdfighteria. Which, in turn, Hank, led to Alex Trebek uttering the immortal words: "John Green, that's gonna cost you!" Julia Collins, I'm sorry that you lost on Jeopardy, but thank you for making my life. And the good news is: You win the non-existent nerdfighter-prize of the day, which isn't nothing. Actually, it is nothing. Nerdfighters, thank you for making P4A videos, for donating, for commenting, for making Alex Trebek say my name on television. Hank, my week has taken such a turn that I can only share with you my happy dance as coached by WheezyWaiter. (in hotel) WheezyWaiter: Keep dancing; don't stop. John: This is going to be hard. WheezyWaiter: Whoa! That wasn't very good. That's good; you're doing good. Keep it up! You're doing well. Keep it up. There you go. John: I'll meet you guys downstairs. Wheezy: That's right, keep it up. You can do it. John: And now, for my grand finale, a handstand! Wheezy: Ahh, that about does it. Boy, am I tired from all the dancing. (back to John speaking to camera) So Hank, on Dec 26th we're gonna draw the raffles, eh, I've got to finish my Zombie Apocalypse Novella, but I'm on it. Hank, I will not see you on Friday, because it's Christmas Eve, but have a wonderful holiday and I will see you again on Monday.