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In which Hank shows everyone all of his awesome presents. Thanks to everyone for my awesome gifts.


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Good Morning John! We're back! It seems like it's been a really long time since there's been a Vlogbrothers video. I miss this! I skip one day, and it's like Vlogbrothers withdrawal. So I'm going to start out this video by asking you John, what did you get for Christmas? So that I can then tell you all the things that I got for Christmas. One of them you can see a sign of, but it's not actually there. And what's the sign? There it is! What is is? It's a- it's a light! And that means that I can now make videos at night time! Which is good, because in the winter, in Montana, nighttime starts at four. John also got me this book, that's about t-shirts, and politics, and world-trade. But this is a good book to have, because apparently John and I are now in the t-shirt business and we want to be in the t-shirt business in a way that does not help to increase world suck. Speaking of t-shirts, any of you who got vlogbrothers, DFTBA, nerdfighters, t-shirts for Christmas, or just bought them for yourself, we want to see them. We want to see you wearing them! And we may put them on our website. But please send them to with shirt in the title. What else did I get? What else? Katherine got me this bag. It's a good bag. And it was wrapped and I was like "this is really heavy!" And I unwrapped it, and I was like "Oh, this is a really nice bag, but it's really heavy!" And then I opened it. And inside were all of my favorite guilty pleasure foods, including fudge rounds, or which there are like-there are like only two left. One. There's one left. This is from my mom. I love that my mom still gets me toys for Christmas. I also love that I still like getting toys for Christmas. That-It's nice. Other guilty pleasure food. I know, it says that it's organic and all-natural and everything. Why is it a guilty pleasure? Well, look, cause it has 62% of your daily sodium in it. It's like just, a can of ocean. My mom also got me this. And it came with this. And I was like "okay, so this is... and this... you hit them together and it makes a noise. So it's some kind of musical instrument." And then when I was talking to my mom later, I was like "I'm not entirely sure what that thing is, but I like it! It's fun." And she was like "Hank, it's a cheese cutter." And I was like "Oh, I thought that every time I hit it, someone said a prayer or something" It's like a Tibetan prayer cheese cutter. I got a key chain, which I know isn't a big deal, but it's the first time in our lives that Katherine and I have had a separate key chain. And it also comes with this, which is a key which has been cut into a bottle opener. Which is freaking awesome! Katherine got it at an Etsy store. And then I got a bunch of science fiction novels, which is really all I want! Oh, and my favorite thing about the lighting kit is the instruction manual. It's one page, and it has helpful tips like "please avoid the tumble of the lamps!" And finally, let me show a video that Hank Green made about a year ago. You know, Hank Green, this guy. Here are my two brain crack ideas from so far this trip: a housed camera that you can like clamp to a tree or a pole or something, that takes time-lapsed pictures of whatever you want to take time-lapsed pictures of. Yes my friends, I wanted that to exist, and now- AHH! it broke. Totally it's the thing I wanted! It also doubles as the nerdiest scepter of all time. Da-ta-da-da-I am the king, the king of the nerds! It's articulated here, but it's a little loose right now. It's okay buddy, you're okay. And those are my Christmas presents from this year, 2010. John, I want to know, all of what you received, and nerdfighters, you can tell me as well. But I also want to give you nerdfighters a present. What do you like about this? I'm pointing at me, but I mean me and John. Let's say this last year, in 2010, what is it that you have most enjoyed. We've done a bunch of different stuff. Every year we sort of restructure what we, John and I, do here on the vlogbrothers channel. And John and I are in the midst of talking about that with the two of us, but really, it should be a conversation between all of us. Tell us what you like about us, and what you would like us to do with our time, and your time, here on this channel. We've got some ideas that I know you will be excited about. But I love ideas, and I hope that you have more and then we can do more awesome things in twenty-eleven. Two-Thousand-and-eleven. Two-eleven. I'm not sure how to say that. I'm fairly sure that it doesn't matter though. John, I will see you on whatever day you come back on.