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In this edition of HankGames IRL, Hank and John play the first of five games of Ping Pong. John comes out strong, but will he come out on top?!
John and Hank: P, I, N, G, go.

John (J) : Oh boy.

Hank(H): So today we're playing ping pong on hankgames.

J: Ohh, this is a hankgames video.

H: I think so.

J: Oh, it's like hankgames IRL. Ping... agh, terrible that was probably going out. Can they even see that? What can they see?

H: Pretty well. Here I am.

J: Ok, see if you can see me. I'm like over here like woo, woo, woo.

H: No, I framed you in there.

J: Woo. Woo. 

H: Alright.

J: Okay.

H: It's a wide angle. 

J: 0 : 1. Oh, this is too...

H: Ohh! Too much.

J: High quality ping pong players here.

H: We are super good

J: One all. I can more or less guarantee my victory.

H: Agh.

J: 2 : 1.

H: Well I beat you yesterday.

J: Yeah, but- agh that was bad luck

H: That was good spinny

J: Two all... Oh. Wow! What a shot. Alright, 2 : 3. Maybe I shouldn't talk so soon about how good I was gonna be. All you gotta do with Hank is you just gotta leave him room to fail.

H: 3 : 3. Agh.

J: Ooh.

H: That was a great shot. 

J: Leave him room to fail.

J: Aww! Four all. This is big stuff man. I didn't know this was gonna be... oh, if only there could be double bounces.

H: 5 : 4. Ah.

J: That was fun for the camera through. Alright. Five all.

H: Nice shot 

J: Oh! Ohh! How do you like them apples, 6 : 5.

H: That was beautiful.

J: Alright.

H: You are good at this.

J: 7 : 5. Here we go. I'm not good.

H: Better than me

J: You're just less good. 8 : 5.

H: Oh! Another! No! No!

J: I might score all five points on my serve.

H: Probably.

J: Oh! 

H: That was off.

J: I never know if it's going to be on. I get nervous. I should probably just let it... let it... let it bounce. Alright. 6 : 9.

H: Man.

H & J: 6 : 10.

J: Ohh! I mean, some of this is just because I've been on the Earth longer.

H: You've become much better at this.

J: Well, now that people are watching, I'm trying to bring my A-game. Oh! Nice point. 7 : 11.

H: Woo!

J: 7 : 11!

H: 7 : 11!

J: That is the greatest point total.

H: How did you hit that?

J: How did you hit that?

H: 8: 11

J: You may notice that I never go to my forehand. It's because I don't have one. Alright. 11 : 9.

H: Unnecessary hit.

J: Still worked out fine. 12 : 9. Uh oh. Ahh!

H: Thanks for letting me know you didn't have a forehand.

J: I don't have a forehand.

H: Ahh!

J: Ahh! 12 : 10. Nope. Bad. Agh, god, I don't have a forehand at all.

H: This is excellent news for me.

J: Alright.

H: Oh! That's not what I meant to do!

J: Agh!

H: Obviously.

J: What is it? 13: 11?

H: Yeah.

J: 13 : 11.

H: Ohh!

J: Looks like you don't have much of a forehand either, buddy.

H: Not really.

J: Alright.

H: My shot?

J: 11 : 14. Oh.

H: That's right.

J: 12 : 14. Here we go. 

H: Oh, come on Hank Green.

J: I think it might have been a double hit anyway. 12: 15. You're getting better. 13: 15. C'mon. There we go! He wasn't ready for it. That's just... that's just when you're not prepared.

H: That was good football.

J: 13: 16.

H: Stupid air conditioning duct!

J: Alright. 13: 17. Got a little bit of breathing room here. You think there's any North Korean ping pong players watching this right now just like: These guys are terrible. 18: 13. I guess the answer to are there any North Koreans watching this right now is probably-

H: Oh god, that was really close.

J: That was really close. 19: 13. Oh! 19 :14.

H: I gotta do a lot of coming back here.

J: You've got a lot... you've got a long way to go. Mmm, 19: 15. Going for the forehand. Oh it worked!

H: Oh!

J: My precious forehand. 16: 19. No, no. 15: 20.

H: 15: 20. I don't think this is going to happen for me.

J: Don't give up. "I must be the greatest," to quote Muhammad Ali. Next time on hankgames with Hank and John, starting... now.