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In which "Franklin" explores his home planet.
John: Hello, my name is Franklin and I have found myself on this strange, and I have to say, rather beautiful planet, alone. I am alone in the world at the moment. And I would like to ask you a question as we begin here while I shoot this plutonium because the acquisition of plutonium seems to be important for me being able to keep my heat shield going, which seems to be important for me being able to survive.

The question is: What constitutes a successful or well lived life? I've just discovered that plant, by the way, that no one had ever discovered in the history of the universe, and then I responded to that discovery by immediately killing it. 

What constitutes a good or useful or well lived life? I'll ask you why I'm- Oh, wait, no. I have to hit this button because that is very useful to me, because as it happens, that is the precise item I need in order to charge my new space ship that I have just finished repairing. It's very exciting news. So I would like to go ahead and transfer that and  I'm going to go back to my starship, and now I am going to charge up my starship. That's not right, it's over here. I'm going to charge it up. 

The reason I'm asking you this question-Now I can actually take off in my star ship. Wow, look at that huge bunch of gold, and this gold actually is a wonderful metaphor for questions I have for you, which is "Is the point of life to use as  many resources as possible, to acquire as many resources as possible, to do as many things as possible?" Because then, if it is, what I need to do is to go towards the center of the universe. I need to try to figure out what it is that is at the center of this galaxy. But I'm not sure that that is the point of life. I think the point of life- ah, here's a cargo drop- I feel very unsettled about this. Is it possible that I'm currently on the best possible planet? Like isn't that possible that I'm already there and that I'm going to go off into the world and only find that life gets worse. I think that's very possible. 

And so- I don't have one of those atlas passes yet so I don't think I can get in any of this. Maybe I can get in there? Oh, yeah, there we go. Nothing found. That's disappointing.

I mean, I look up into the sky and it's rather beautiful, you know? And there's some way that I can show you what the weather looks like here.

My life support systems aren't ideal. I don't really remember how to show you what the weather looks like. The weather is not great. It goes between, like, 30 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius, which is between, like, hot and extremely hot. 

And I've got another big complaint, I guess. I mean, I don't like to be a complainer but I do have another significant complaint.

I'm going to walk towards my ship, by the way.

My central complaint about this planet is that while it is exceptionally beautiful, especially at nighttime, it is not watery.There doesn't seem to be any liquid water on this planet. 

Now somehow, so far, I've been able to survive just fine. I don't really know how, maybe my exosuit some how makes water. That part's not really clear to me but I'm not thrilled by the lack of liquid water and then I also, I feel like my exosuit might be a little more comfortable if it weren't a temperature outside at which water boils. Which might be why there's no liquid water on the planet.

And so my big consideration is should I be content on this planet? Should I be happy to try to make the best life for myself that I could make here on-I can't remember the name of this planet but it's something ridiculous and I haven't been able to rename it.

It's not Rasamama S36, that's the name of my ridiculous plane, but it's something like RasamamaS36. We'll call it Rasamama 35.

Should I try to make the best possible life here on Rasamama 35 or should I try to break out into the world. Find other planets. Explore the galaxy, but really, isn't exploring the galaxy kind of selfish in a way because all I'm doing, ultimately is using resources. Right? I have to kill animals to eat, I have to blow up these little plants to get goods that I then can craft into stuff like - Oh, my inventory's full.