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Far Cry 4, Every Second Is A Story: Today Hank Green plays... wait... today Karem (from KSic Games) plays Far Cry 4 on behalf of Hank! Enjoy this Exclusive Gameplay!
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FTC Disclaimer: This video is sponsored.
ESRB: Rated M

Game Played:
Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank! This is games with me. People have been telling me to play Far Cry 3. I'm not going to play Far Cry 3, but I was recently invited by (mispronounces Ubisoft)-

You be sauced?


-By Ubisoft to go out to California and to play Far Cry 4. Unfortunately, I couldn't actually do that. So, I had Karem, who works on Games with Hank-

Karem: Hi, guys!

Hank: He also- Your channel is KSic Games?

Hank and Karem: KSic Games.

Karem: Love your face.

Hank: Link in the description! He got to go out to California to play, uh, Far Cry 4, which is exciting. Uh, it wasn't our capture setup, so the quality is a little different. Uh, the game looks fantastic and you're about to meet a dead elephant named Jeff!


Karem: Hey, Hank. You're in here.

(Elephant trumpet and tiger snarl. Deep, ominous music for title card.)

Karem: (laughs) Ok. That was pretty cool! (reading) This game saves data automatically to the H- Ok! That was a little too quick for me to read, Far Cry 4. I think they expect me to be an excellent reader.

(Game starts, ambient noises.)

Karem: We're in the game. It looks freaking gorgeous. And that building's on fire!


Karem: Gonna sneak in...gonna sneak on over. Kind of feel bad. I kinda don't want to kill them because they're kind of having a conversation. But, you know? This elephant looks kinda bored, so sorry, bro!

(Arrow shot. Elephant trumpeting.)

Karem: Oh, there he is! There he goes! That is a badass elephant. Hank, I think we should get a pet elephant for the office.

(Elephant trumpeting and intense music.)

Karem: 'kay. Going in. I- Do I even need to help? Elephant's kind of rude, though! He just leaves all the- He just leaves all the bodies just laying around. I- Guy, come here. Come here. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Ok. It's ok. He didn't know. He's an ele-He's an animal! He didn't know any better, ok? 

Karem: Oh man, there's another elephant here but he- he wasn't as successful as my elephant. As, um...I guess...I guess you would call him Jeff? Jeff? Jeff? There you go, Jeff. Do it up. Hey!

(Gun fire, elephant still rampaging.)

Karem: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Hey, it's not my fault. That's not my elephant! That's your elephant! 'kay? Maybe if you'd trained him better it wouldn't be killing you all right now!

Karem: Hey, we did it. Guys...I mean, actually, "we" did it but really the elephant did it all. I was just a spectator in it all. Jeff seems like a great elephant. I feel like everyone needs a Jeff in their life.


(Shouting. Elephant trumpeting. Gunfire.)

Karem: Oh, oh, no, no, no. I'm out. I'm out! I'm out!


Karem: Sorry. Sorry! I didn't mean to shoot you but you scared me. Oh, there's my elephant. You go, man! You go! Go, Jeff, go! I'm just going to assume every elephant is Jeff.

Karem: Can I ride you? Yes, I can! Let's go! Ooh! Bash? Excuse me. Hey! (laughs) Well, that got very bustling, very quickly. Come here, man. I just wanna talk. I just wanna talk. I just wanna talk. I just want to kill you. I just wanna kill you.

Karem: Hey, guys! Jeff's here! How you doing? Yeah, you're- (laughs) I never realized how enjoyable killing people with elephants were until this exact moment! Excuse me. I feel like an anteater!


Karem: Ok, my money's on the bear. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Maybe not! Maybe not! Do I help? I do have money on the be- oh, shoot. I owe you money. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just going to go. No. Hey! No. No. No. Ok!


Karem: Ok! Ok. Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'll put money on you next time!


Hank: So, for the first time ever, a guest star on Games with Hank- this is Games with Karem!

Karem: Thank you guys for watching Games with Hank with me. Not Hank at all. I'm not Hank. I'm not even the same color as Hank. (Offscreen laughter.)

Karem: So guys, if you're wondering, I played the game for a very long time and to give you guys like an honest review for it: It's pretty much Far Cry 3 with a completely different story and a few different elements added in. If you love Far Cry 3, you're going to really enjoy this game. Okay. Hank, do your ending. I don't feel like I'm worthy of it.


Hank: Thanks for watching Games with Hank and Karem. DFTBA.


Karem: Hey, if you guys would like to check out the Far Cry 4 trailer, click the annotation down below and it will take you there. Have a great day and DFTBA.