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Just had a bunch of fun hanging out with some cool people at YouTube HQ. And then I took a DVD quality video on my android phone while standing in front of YouTube HQ...apparently because I am a Google dweeb
Hello, look at me, I'm in front of YouTube. I don't know if you can see the YouTube sign back there. It's very strange to think that there's an actual, real, physical place where YouTube is. It's actually, it's very big. That's all of it back there too.

There's a Panasonic truck behind me too, apparently advertising something about 1080p video which is the new thing that YouTube is going to do which I will never, probably ever do because it would take me like eight hours to upload a video and I never have that much time.

But I just started meetings with a couple of people up there, and I got YouTube glasses, 3D glasses, I don't know exactly why. But I'm gonna give them away at the Nerdfighter gathering tonight at, at the Epicenter cafe in San Francisco.

And... it's YouTube! And all the people who make YouTube happen are in there, and I met a bunch of them, and they are very cool and it's a pretty cool place, and I... I'm very glad to know that it exists in the real world and there are people working really hard to make all the stuff that happens on YouTube possible because... and I wanted to be very thankful to all of them for doing all of that.

So, here it is. Thank you YouTube, thank you Nerdfighters, and I will see a lot of you in San Francisco tonight, I'm very excited, bye!