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Hello Porlandian nerdfighters, I have great news for you. We have a Portland show set up at the Fir Ridge Campus, I believe it is a high school but it is an awesome high school and it's at the commons. And if a high school has a commons, then it's gotta be pretty awesome, so, my high school sure didn't have a commons.

The address of the Fir Ridge Campus is 11215 South East Market Street, Portland, Oregon 97216. I will say that again for you, get a pencil this time! 11215 South Ea- Uh, I messed it up. South East Market Street, Portland, Oregon 97216 and you can just go ahead and Google map that and it will take you straight to where I will be starting at six o'clock and going until 9. We get a full three hours to hang out, it's gonna be amazing. 

Um, so basically, I just want you to know that I'm really looking forward to Portland. It's one of my favorite cities in the entire United States. I have really great friends who live there, I've been there a bunch of times. Uh, but this is the first time, I think, that we've had a nerdfighter gathering in Portland so I'm very excited to bring the awesome to the awesome and have an awesome-plosion. That sounded like implosion. Awes-explosion. That didn't work either. Somebody help me out here. 

Anyway, I just wanted- I'm just really excited to bring the awesome of nerdfighteria into the real world, onto the west coast, into Portland, Oregon and I hope that you will all join me at six at the Fir Ridge Campus in Portland, Oregon on November 20th. I think all of that information was correct. If it's not, then I will just re-take this video and upload it again. I'll talk to you all soon in a real freaking life. Bye-bye.