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Oculus Rift Horror Game, Affected The Manor: Today Hank Green plays a terrifying game using the Virtual Reality Oculus Rift! The level of immersion is scary!
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Part Two:
Part Three:

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Game Played:

(0:00) Play the... play the music. AHHHHH!!


(0:03) Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank. 

(0:06) I will be playing Games with Hank because it is very difficult to be playing Games without Hank when you are Hank.

(0:10) Games with Hank is like hankgames, except with Hank, seven days a week. And also faster edited videos that often incorporate this, my friend, Mr. Oculus Rift.

(0:19) Uh, the first three videos that we're gonna put on this channel are gonna be horror. They're going to contain some really terrifying moments. Lots of flashing and a fair amount of gore, even.

(0:28) Um, I'm going to be wearing this heart rate monitor for all of them, so you're gonna see whether or not I'm actually scared or if I'm just pretending. Which I don't think I will be. 

(0:38) But thanks for joining us here on Games with Hank. If you want to come back after the horror, that will just be three days and then we'll be doing various things for the rest of eternity as far as I'm concerned. 'Cause I plan on living forever. 

(0:49) We're gonna be playing Affected: The Horror Experience, or something like that. And the first level is... The Manor. I remembered.


(0:58) I'm in the game. I'm in the world. I'm here. I'm at Affected: The Horror Experience. As far as I know I just click on--I just look at the Manor here and it's turned color so I'm gonna look at this door. This electrifying handle.

(1:13) It's here for me. Ooh, it's all moving. This is--okay well so far I'm just sort of experiencing some slight nausea. Wait where--woah why am I turning?

(1:23) Oh bye. Creepy children! That was expect... My glasses are getting foggy. 

(1:31) [Creepy voice] The Manor. Okay. [elevator dings]

(1:41) Alright. Oh that's super creepy. Is that a fire extinguisher? Maybe I should take that and hit something on the head with it later. I guess I just explore?

(1:35) Uuh this is a creepy house. Okay. Okay...okay. Hey everybody--you guys need to clean up a bit. No I can't open that door? I probably don't want to. Why would I want to go in there? I don't want to go in there. There's actually a little bit of color in this painting.

(2:09) Okay the music's getting creepier. Uuh... well that's not scary. that's just a dim house. Why is it so quiet!? Okay. I don't like silence in horror movies. That's how you know something bad's about to happen. Wwah! Okay-what? Nobody. Just me. 'S just me, alright. Did that come from?

(2:40) [complainingly] Why didn't I bring a flashlight? Well there's a little bit of light there. 

(2:46) WEGAHA!! It's quiet now. There's a lot of dust motes. Okay what are we doing? Oh a Ouija board! that's not terr--YOUGAGH! Oh. What did it say? it started with something U-N. Goodbye.

(3:08) HEHEHE. [several small worried noises] I can onl--I can--apparently I'm--oh I have a flashlight! It turned on, everybody, my flashlight. GNNGGNNG! SHHH! Ghosts. Oh, my door opened.

(3:19) What did it say? I missed it.

(3:22) WHY IS THERE BLOOD ON THE OUIJA BOARD?! Well maybe that's good, maybe the ghost got hurt and ran away. I'm stuck you guys, I'm stuck, I'm stuck here. That's probably not supposed to happen. This is good though, I'll just stay here. That's fine! There's-nothing scary can happen if I just stay right here.

(3:39) Oh there I got through. I guess I should go in here. I'm glad I brought a flashlight. That's good. I mean I really think if you remodelled this place it could be quite nice. I like this wallpaper, it like reminds me of the wallpaper Sherlock has. Uh, you might instead just want to burn it to the ground though, if you had the option.

(3:59) Hello? Hello? Okay, hi, woah. It's, I mean, aah. I just-every moment I think it's not going to be terrifying it's suddenly terrifying again!

(4:10) Why are you still laughing? Why are you-why is it still lit up? SHH-SHhh-shh... It's fine, everything's fine. This way's really dark lets go that way. That seems like a GREAT plan! 

(4:25) Why am I even doing this? There's no story! NOhhuh...That's scary.

(4:34) Alright, okay, see, nothing scary, everything is just a house. A nice house with friend-HUAAA! Why? Its just a TV. That's not scary. TVs turn on sometimes. It's just something that happens.

(4:50) Okay. Silly little things, like doors opening on their own, are really really scary. Oh, yeah you turned off the TV. That was scary too. SHH! No, that's fine. That's not scary. That's just a nursery rhyme.

(5:13) I guess that is a super creepy nursery rhyme. I mean, it being about apparently a y- old man just dying. Whats that's moving too much. OH GEEZ OH GEEZ OH GEEZ Oh. Should I? Why would I go in there? No! I don't--mayb--I mean, who, maybe ghosts don't have to be mean. They can be nice. Nheh.

(5:37) I have to get out of the house. Is that all I have to do? that's fine. This is going to be so terrifying. If I can't handle a TV turning on hows IT GONNA BE WHEN I WHEN THE REAL THINGS!? OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!! 

(5:52) Why would it turn my light off? It's so angry? I'm sorry I'm in your house. I understand, its like there's a stranger in my house! That's scary, scream at him. That makes perfect sense. That's what I'd do. I would scream at him even if I was a desiccated white little dead child.

(6:07) Files. that's int--oh I could that's there's like some film. A bunch of films. It's just films. I feel like--I feel like uuh...It's not going to get that much worse than that, right?

(6:23) UUUGH! [record starts playing] OH man. Okay. My heart rate monitor is very sweaty against my skin. SHH. There's so many noises! Why two refrigerators?

(6:44) If you don't like me, and you contain the ability to contain me, just kill me! Let's just, let's have it end. If you don't have the ability to kill me, then it's not scary. So let's just assume that you don't, because if you did then I'd already be dead, right, little ghost-child-thing?

(7:02) What terrible thing happened to you in this house? Don't answer that. I don't wanna know. Also I don't want to hear you talk or speak ever.

(7:11) Why? Why music? Why? Psychology! This is a huge freaking house. There are a lot of doors. Nope.

(7:23) [Creepy children chanting in the background] I can--okay. Sh-sh. Okay. Oh my god. Okay, just keep walking Hank. Keep walking. Don't look back. Don't look back. Don't look back. Don't look back. Just keep walking and don't look back.

(7:41) [door creaks open] Okay. Oh, see, this is nice. Space, lots of room. The f-furniture's floating?! That's fine, i mean on scale of what's happened to me today, floating furniture--fine. I'm just gonna not walk under the piano, 'cause that scene would--would be dangerous to do that. but all the other things aren't that heavy.

(8:06) S'good, yeah, play the, play the music. [furniture crashes to the floor like glass] HAAAAAAH! [slow-mo replay noises]

(8:21) Faart. Fart fart fart. Fart fart. Shht. No. Are you coming up the stairs? then I'm going away from the stairs. I don't--NNAGH! Yeah you sang this song again! Oh HI HI JUST SCREAM AT ME AND GET IT OVER WITH! SCREAM AT ME AND GET IT--AAAAGH!! [slow-mo replay noises]

(8:52) Donkey balls. Okay. [exhales]


(8:57) My office is so nice... compared to that place. I'm Hank Green, this has been Games With Hank. 

(9:03) Thanks for checking out the new channel. Uh, hopefully that was enjoyable to watch me, be scared. I'm sweaty, on the underside. Yeah. It's like waking up from a nightmare. I was in there.

(9:15) Anyway, thanks for watching. DFTBA.