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In which Hank does his first video in parts...and talks more about Christmas.


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Good morning, John, it's Tuesday, November 27th.

This video comes in four parts. You're not the only one who can have parts in his videos. Part one: Eagle's Nest Camp.

I just got and email from Paige Lester-Niles, the director of Eagle's Nest Camp, and I think she wants the nerdfighters to stop calling her. She wasn't overly explicit about this, she wasn't angry, but she did mention that a lot of people had been calling and emailing about Tiffany with no last name and that they can't share information like that. She also said that they were trying to, but couldn't, respond to each request individually.

That's very nice of her. I remember Paige. If you're watching, hi.

Back when I was at Eagle's Nest, she wasn't the director of the camp. We went on a hundred mile hike on the Appalachian Trail together. She was the counselor, I was the camper.

It was awesome. Eagle's Nest Camp is awesome. If anybody's looking for a summer camp, go to Eagle's Nest Camp.

Part two: The Blogger's Choice Awards. John, you and I--I don't know how I feel about this--have won Best Video Blogger of the Blogger's Choice Awards! Best Video Blogger, that's, uh, that feels good.

Our competition wasn't very stiff, I don't think very many people knew about the Blogger's Choice Awards, but the nerdfighters came through. They gave us their time, they clicked, and we won. And I don't know what we get, but we won, so hopefully we'll get it soon.

Maybe it's about time for me to get five hundred euros. Part three: Shopping. I really appreciated all the comments about my last video.

It was nice to see everyone kind of agreeing with me. I recently read an article in the New York Times that said eighty percent of Americans wish that Christmas was less materialistic. And that was the only part of the article that didn't tremendously piss me off!

The article was about how the mainstreaming of green is taking Christmas away from the people. I'm not trying to take Christmas away! I'm trying to make Christmas suck less!

In fact, I think they may have coined a new term: "the green Grinch". Which is a little bit ironic, don't you think, because the Grinch was the person who tried to take away the presents, but when the presents were gone, the people were still happy, because they love each other. And here's the real kicker: "The point of the holidays for many people is the joy people get from giving," said Kenneth B.

Green. You're quoting Kenneth B. Green!

John, you don't know who Kenneth B. Green is, because you're not a gigantic envirodork like I am, but Kenneth B. Green and the American Enterprise Institute are funded entirely by million-dollar corporations including Exxon.

They don't care if we're unhappy as long as we're spending our money. How is this guy the resident environmental scholar that you get to quote on your article? Yeah, you probably could have found a lot of people to say the same things that he did, but why him?

This guy offered ten thousand dollars to any scientist who would come out and disagree with the inner-governmental panel on climate change. He's bribing people to disagree with global warming! And the New York Times was like, "Well, we need an environmental scholar, let's go to Kenneth!" Ugh, New York Times.

I don't mean to push my values on you, but I really do believe that the fathers of the world don't suffer for lack of electric shavers and temperature-sensing barbecue forks. And if anybody kind of agrees with me on this stuff and wants to think more about it, Bill McKibben, who we've talked about on Brotherhood 2.0 before, wrote a really excellent article that I think kind of hits all the bases on this stuff. And I have a link to it over here, or possibly down there, depending on where you are.

And part four: the scavenger hunt! Don't forget to be awesome. John, I'll see you tomorrow.