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In which there may or may not be fouls.
That was not a foul. Come on.

...but, uh, that's not a foul. It's, that's ankle hugging which is, which is actually, that's not just allowed in soccer it's encouraged. It's kind of seen as the whole point of playing. call attention to me. That was not a foul. Respectfully disagree. All right.

What! How is that a foul against me? That's ridiculous. I'll show you what fouls look like.

..faster. That's not a foul. I agree with you being upset.

That was not a foul. Basanta Claus was not fouling anybody there, that was a great tackle.

That is... where was the foul? Please tell me it was outside the box.

...potentially in trouble. That is not a foul, that's an ankle hug.

Don't give me a yellow card for being good looking. I refuse it, I refuse it gray-headed Frenchman!

Which kind of... Do not call a foul on me for a Christian side hug, sir.

No! Was that a red card? I mean it was a slightly unnecessary slide tackle but it's snowing, there were some events happening.

...those of you who didn't notice. Do not give me a red card. That was an accident! they ought to. That is not a foul! Come on! A little ankle hugging never hurt anybody.

That is not a foul! When, when did it become a foul to walk up to someone, Christian side hug them and go for the ball together?

That is another Christian side hug, how can... This referee has been purchased by Lokomotiv.

That is not a foul. If I can't wrap my knees around someone while touching the ball then I don't, I don't even understand why we play this game. It seems like a big waste of time.

That was not a foul, that was an ankle hug.

Oh, a great tackle. NO! THAT'S NOT A PENALTY!

What! I mean if you can't do a Christian side hug why would I even bother to play football.

That was not a foul. I was in front of him and I gave him a nice little ankle wrap. That was, that was a wrapping of the ankles not a, oh not a foul. I mean if you can't wrap a man's ankles in football... That's a foul. That's gonna be a red card.