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Hank gets obsessed with the phrase "chestal cavity."

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Man: How the hell did you see that?
H: I'm Batman!

I'm running like a mad man!

Shooting Gallery. Open 24 hours. Gun Store two- two twenthabladabaha.

Woman: Broadway, between Fifth and Sixth.
H: You're lying! No you're not. You're not lying.

Now we're going to tell a lady that her husband's blood is really, really, really, really not in his body.

Oh my goodness. The plot thickens again!

How're you doing? You look very sad and upset.

Man: Knife covered in blood.
H: Yeah I can tell that without zooming in.

I didn't realize that we received a call about... Woah! That was an awesome foot-slide, sir.

Were these butt-monkeys?

Chestal cavity. Oh. that was another thing I was saying a lot last time. I was, I was saying chestal cavity but I said it wrong so I, it was funny. I said chestal cabbity. It seemed like a good name to me for a, for a character in a noir book.

Not the thorax! I'm pretty sure that's a technical term for chestal cabbity.

Chest! Chestal Cabbity! Mrs Cabbity.
Woman: It wasn't me.
H: It was Chestal's idea.

Oh, oh no. Chestal!

Cabbity. Chester Cabbity.