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Kate Golembiewski is a Public Relations and Science Communications Manager for the Field Museum. As a science writer tasked with bringing the Field's research to the press, her work isn't exactly 'behind-the-scenes' -- thousands of people have read her stories on topics ranging from 'ridiculously cute mouse lemurs' to the similarities of ancient houses and the McMansions of today -- but she's usually not the one in front of the camera.

Then, on a day that started like any other work day, she unexpectedly found herself in the role of a charismatic dinosaur expert for one of the biggest television networks in Japan.


Each episode includes a segment at the end where we want to hear from you. Actually, we want to hear from your environment. We wanna know:

1. Your name
2. Where you are in the world, and what you're doing
3. 30-45 recorded seconds of your environment, preferably outside, anywhere (and everywhere).
Whether you're in an urban area on your way to work or school, conducting fieldwork near home or abroad, or just enjoying a moment outside-- we want to hear it! You can record it using the voice memo app on your smartphone and email the file to by sending it to exploreastory(at), with the subject line "OK to share." By sending us the file you're giving us permission to use it at the end of a future episode or another Brain Scoop-related project, so thank you in advance!


ExploreAStory is written and hosted by Emily Graslie, produced by Sheheryar Ahsan and Brandon Brungard, with music by Jason Weidner, and made with support from the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.
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