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The team works together to build a glorious bridge.

 Intro and catch-up

Hello and welcome to Hank games times twoooo. It's day eight; we are in the Distant Tundra. If you haven't been watching, let me catch you up a little bit. Here's what's going on: I am an explorer from another planet my plant has been running out of food; so we've gone to find a new source of food, which in this case is fruit juice because that's all we eat, just accept it. There are also two other people. When we were approaching the planet my spaceship split apart and there are two other people on this planet. One of them is, been lost in the Distant Tundra and I'm trying to get communicated back with her. I can see her but I need to build a bridge cause she can't apparently swim or whatever; and there's another one also hidden that i don't, I have no idea where he is. Are actual Captain, no idea where he's at. So that's a little bit of a bummer. But I am some... well you can switch back and forth so who I am is a little bit unclear. But I can throw Pikmin across obstacles and explore areas near bridges. So that's good.


This is err, we're just landing, going down. Its a beautiful game; I'm just...I love the Wii U with the HD it's super nice. Brittany are you alright. That's Brittany is lost. Brittany, sorry I pronounced it wrong. And I have two different types of Pikmin' various Pikmin have different abilities and she's very hungry and I need to save...I need to get her. Umm, but where are my yellow Pikmin are they with her? I though they...oh yeah I guess they have to be with her cause that's where their house is. Ugh, dang it, ugh. I can't have more than... arr jeez.  have to put some of them back cause I can't have more than 100 out at a time. oh god, just let me do it.
Ugh, I want all of them, thank you. Okay, lets go guys where are we going? Let's go, I don't know where.I know where I'm going. I'm going out this' alright I have to...I have to get this. There's a component of the game...Oh sorry everybody. What's happening? no, stop. Yes, correct. Alright lets go; alright I've figured it out, everything's fine.

 Hunt for the last pieces of the bridge

There's somewhere near here... over here. Arr jeez i don't like  this guy' I don't like this guy one bit, I don't like him. Ow he got me Pikmin huh. Get it; get it you guys.

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Okay guys. Their just gonna be on that cause that's what they do and then hopefully behind this will, hopefully, be the final pieces of the bride that I am currently building; because I've been working on it for a while now and I'm a little disappointed that it's taking so long.

Alright We're working  on it. It's only the yellow ones that can attack the yellow fence and I only have 11 of them for complicated reasons. Well it's not that complicated, a bunch of them died when I was trying to do something else that I shouldn't have been using the yellow Pikmin for; I'm not very good at this game, I'll be honest with you. Alright. Yay good job buddy, lets go. Oh ye. Dig it out...oh jeez, oh gosh.what's that? What was that thing. Whoa.

Katherine (in background): Oh no!

Hank: Whoa man whoa. You okay? Oh, okay. hey guys what is going on. Oh, okay. Oh jeez, ah. Oh missed, great. Ahh! I didn't...I sorta didn't...I thought that he was random about it; I didn't think he was so specific. What are you doing? What are you doing? Why are you right there? That's the wrong place to be man. Okay I need more stuff, so I'm going to get out of this guys way,huuh, and then I'm going to go back to Olimar and their gonna hand me some people cause I need some people. This is...Olimar's got all the Pikmin right now. He's not Olimar his name is Alphie; and why did I do that? I was just frustrated, shaking my Nunchuk in frustration. Okay, now they are all drowny. K. Alright everybody lets go. Pay no attention to the stealy, grabby wotto thing; anybody, looks like wotto. Where is he?

Katherine: They all fell of the edge.

Hank: yea. Alright none of you get to have him.

Katherine: There's another one.

Hank: There's another one? huuh. He's I can't get to him though. Gosh, my computers a little bit in the way of the...of the wiimote. Yeah, yeah I'm going back up there because that's where the thing is that I need to get at. Arr, he ate a lot of guys. Kill him! Kill him you little Pikmin. Alright none of you get to have any food; that's all for the yellow Pikmin. Oh what's this? Yay fruit. Oh whoa hey there, ho there. I thought he was dead. Alright everybody. Everyone out of my Pikmin-y friends come with me we have death to deal. You guys to...Oh yay! The bridge is out, I mean th opposite of that. The bridge is out that's a good movie. You too. Alright what is this thing. What have we got? I have to look at the thing. We've found a snow sculpture in this frozen tundra it looks like the face of a middle aged man; one that I know all to well. The more I look at it, the more e looks like the president of Hoctakefrate especially that nose. What? Tell me more. It looks a bit like the captain. No. Take it up you guys, whatever it is. I'll be back for you I promise. Oh, that was fast. Oh, it's a cherry. That's exciting and there's this thing