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In which John brushes his teeth in unusual places and proposes the Brotherhood 2.0 Concert Scholarship Fund for Milica and Amy.


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Daniel: Good morning, Hank. It's Monday, February 19th: Presidents' Day. John: Hank, that was Brotherhood 2.0 resident mathematician Daniel Biss. Daniel's here because his brother Jonathan is playing a concert at Carnegie Hall. Oh, and speaking of concerts, I've had a lot of fun reading and listening to and watching all of the responses to your video survey. It turns out that our viewers, by and large, uh, had terrible taste in music when they were children. Let's just go over some of their first concerts: - *NSync - Paula Abdul - Chicago - Huey Lewis and the News - The New Kids on the Block - The Spice Girls - The Oak Ridge Boys - La Toya Jackson La Toya Jackson? Who goes to a La Toya Jackson concert? Did La Toya Jackson ever even make music? I thought she was just a stripper! But a couple of our viewers' first concerts were pretty frackin' awesome. Lauren K. went to see The Dead Milkmen, one of our favorite bands, um, and she would definitely be the winner for awesomest first concert were it not for Christopher, whose first concert was at the state fair (laughs) hold on, hold on...and featured Weird Al Yankovic opening for the three remaining Monkees. But the most disturbing thing about your first concert question is that two Brotherhood 2.0 viewers have apparently never been to a concert. Hank, I think it's vitally important that we get Milica and Amy to a concert as soon as possible, and that's why I'm proposing the creation of the Brotherhood 2.0 Concert Scholarship Fund for Milica and Amy and Also, Possibly, Other Brotherhood 2.0 Viewers Who Have Not Been to Concerts. (sigh) The name is unwieldy; I think we need to work on that. Anyway, I'm going to give $20 to this scholarship fund. I hope that you will match my pledge. Hank, the other question I really liked was the question was the question about how you have to invent your own question and then answer it. I wanted to answer some of my favorite questions that other people posed. Kelly Fineman asks, "If you could own a house anywhere in the world, other than the U.S., where would it be?" Ireland. Ally Carter asks, "Is your new book going to be worth all the effort?" (shoulders slump, head sags, puts hands over face, looks extremely depressed) And, finally, Laura asks, "Where is the weirdest place you've ever brushed your teeth?" Good question. ("Monosyllabic Girl" by NOFX plays) (John brushes his teeth under a desk, John climbs into a trash bin on the street with toothbrush in his mouth and proceeds to keep brushing. John walks up the stairs from the subway brushing his teeth. John brushes his teeth in a tree. John slides and rolls down and a snowy hill while brushing his teeth, finishing by giving a thumbs-up sign at the camera.) (back in apartment) Hank, I'll see you tomorrow.