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In which Hank talks about his computer problems, myspace, his mysterious brother Tom and surveys.


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Good morning, John. It's Tuesday, February 20th. Why do we always say good morning? It's never morning when I do this; it's never morning when you see this. It's 2:18 here; that means it's four o'clock there. Jesus, I need to get crackin'.

(shot of dismantled computer) So, the reason my life sucks is somewhere in here. I purchased three computers (holds up 3 fingers) in the last week. Two of them (holds up 2 fingers) went back to Best Buy. One of them (one finger) I knew I was going to take back. The other one (adds second finger) didn't have a second hard drive bay! What kind of fancy new computer doesn't have a second hard drive bay?

(Shot of Hank lying near dismantled computer) Anyhow, the good news is this puppy's working now, and it's working for you, John Green. This is weird. It looks like I'm part of the machine. Like I've suddenly become the third hard drive. Wouldn't it be awesome if Wikipedia (pronounced wee-kee-pee-dee-uh) could be in your brain. I know kung fu!

Anyway, this computer, now that it's working, has been helping me do some Brotherhood 2.0 projects. Most importantly, we have our Myspace page, which people are definitely already finding out about because we already have, like, 69 friends. I don't know how that happened so fast! You posted a little thing on sparksflyup and, boom! Okay, I sent a bulletin to all my friends, too. But it's very exciting; I'm glad to have friends. Not that I didn't think that I had friends before; not that I wasn't appreciative of our Brotherhood 2.0 viewers before. Hopefully we've become gigantic on Myspace and then all the Myspace people will become our friends. I'm going crazy about what my eyebrows are doing right now (raises eyebrows with sound of voice). Woo!

Trying to get back into the swing of things here in Montana, but I haven't been able to because none of my computers work! And my swings dependent upon computers. They've thrown of my groove. They've thrown off my groove! Anyways, I am absolutely amazed at the response to my survey. That survey post has over 53 comments, and over half of those are surveys. And then, on top of that, there's surveys on, there's surveys on other posts, there's surveys on people's websites, there's audio surveys, there's video surveys. Speaking of which, who the heck is Tom? John, I did not know that we had a secret brother named Tom! He seems like a really nice guy, though. “Hey, I'm Tom. I'm your third brother. You've never met me or heard of me, but I have a degree in chemical engineering and a wife and some kids. Surprise!”

To add to my computer frustrations, iMovie keeps locking up before I save because I'm stupid and I haven't been saving. So I'm just going to do this and finish and say bye because I need to eat something and (through teeth) this is annoying. I'll see you tomorrow!