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Jose Hernandez Diaz reads his poem, "Cuauhtémoc Xochipilli".


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Hi, I'm Jose Hernandez Diaz and the prose poem I'm going to read today is called "Cuauhtémoc Xochipilli" and with this prose poem, I combined two of my influences which is surrealism and my Mexican-Indigenous heritage and I've been working on a series of jaguar prose poems so honestly, with this prose poem, I just started with the line "A jaguar sat in a tree" and improvised from there.

Cuauhtémoc Xochipilli

A jaguar sat in a tree.  It was midsummer.  The sun was shining fiercely.  The jaguar was a golden color with plenty of brown spots.  Then the ghost of Emiliano Zapata walked by.  He was in full uniform, with rifle and sword, but in black-and-white.  He looked like a cloud.

The jaguar leapt from the tree and walked up to Zapata's ghost.  The jaguar genuflected in General Zapata's direction.  Zapata pulled out his sword and knighted the jaguar.  "From this day forward, this noble jaguar will be called Cuauhtémoc Xochipilli," he said.  The sun faded and set.  It began to rain.