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Cody Simpson reads his poem "Cool Sensations".

Prince Neptune:

Jack Kerouac meets Arthur Rimbaud for the millennial generation. A debut poetry collection from LA-based Australian writer, singer, songwriter Cody Simpson who has penned hit songs and toured worldwide for the majority of his young life.

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Hi everyone.  I'm Cody Simpson and I'll be reading a poem called "Cool Sensations" from my debut collection of poetry and prose, Prince Neptune.  

Cool Sensations poem

i have felt the cool sensations
salt on skin
skin crisp from sun rays
off to the next wild destination
in search of the next golden adventure

i've sat by bonfires at dusk
under blood-red skies
women in white sarongs
discussing eternity with those who know eternity
and i have felt
my sun burnt back on airplane seats
my feet ripped with reef scars
my voice hoarse from ecstatic chanting 
with my friends
my people
who know eternity

it's hard to speak with those 
chasing the next illusory reward
the next great dollar
in big cities
in ties
in limousines
in banks
in office chairs

those who disregard 

but i know one day
everyone will know eternity
he will know eternity
she will know eternity
they will know eternity
and i will know eternity

i can see the blue prisms suspended
in midair chandelier summer
i can see the central sun
dancing in the vast sky
and i will know eternity

contemporary currents surpass me
i am trapped within my own realm
by my realm exists in eternity
i must live
according to broader laws
the ground must crumble
beneath crowds
temples of the ages
must fall to ashes
in the face of eternity
the eternity that i will know

o man
such a young death

for a boy king
but he will know eternity

i am tired
of undisciplined consciousness
i wish to catch the essence of everything
far removed
from it all
and i wish to know eternity

o man
such a young death
for a boy king
but he will know eternity

the boulevardiers 
will never see 
poetry in motion
or the gleaming rewards
that lie
just beyond the pit of discomfort
but that'll be my secret

signing out
farewell Australia
keep our world warm for us
i am barefoot in the airport now
off to know eternity