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Thank you so much to Joe Hanson for joining us in the warehouse today!!


PodCon 2 Merch:
Teferi Can Go Tuck Himself shirt:


It's Okay To Be Smart on YouTube:
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Hot Mess on YouTube:
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Find Joe on Twitter and Instagram: @drjoehanson


Hosts: Abi Rein (@abi_jean) and Luna George (@checkformoon)

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Abi: Hello, and welcome to The Warehouse!

Luna: The weekly show where we share the DFTBA Warehouse with you!

[The Warehouse intro]

L: Thanks to everyone who watched last week! Not for any particular reason, we're just really happy to have you here. 

A: Speaking of that, our comment of the week comes from Ret, who says: 

L: "Classification systeeeemmmmsssss!"

A: And now it's time for...New Merch News! First off in New Merch News, we're selling a bunch of PodCon 2 merch. You can get shirts, sticker packs, pins, and more.

L: And next, we have new merch from Tolarian Community College: this "Teferi Can Go Tuck Himself" shirt. 50% of the proceeds from the shirt are gonna go towards The Trevor Project, but it's only available through today, so act fast. And next we have— wait, oh, what's this? Warehouse News!

We just wanted to update you on a few things real quick, the first of which being that the Marblelympics hoodies and shirts are here in the warehouse, and by the time you see this, they're either on their way to you or will be shipping soon.

A: And second, all of the people who totally, definitely work here in the warehouse have been putting together the next shipment for Life's Library, Book 5. The international books went out yesterday, and the domestic books will be going out next week. 

Instead of Creator Corner this week, we actually have a creator who came here to visit. 

L: You may remember a few weeks ago we talked about Hot Mess on Creator Corner, and Joe is one of the hosts, of that show.

Joe: Hi! And, uh, you might also me from It's Okay To Be Smart, or hopefully both. Thanks for the shout-out about Hot Mess, by the way.

L & A: Yeah!

J: Climate change — it's a big deal.

A: Big deal.

L: It's a big deal. Even Bill Nye said so. Like, yesterday.

A: Yeah!

J: Absolutely. One thing that was really cool when we started getting our Hot Mess shirts made at DFTBA was being able to pick something sustainable, which was super awesome. Like, we were able to make the shirts have the lowest impact possible, which was a big deal for us.

L: Yeah, they're made from, like, recycled bottles, right?

J: Yeah, it's definitely better for the planet than your standard t-shirt.

A: And also, bonus, they're so cool-looking.

J: And soft.

A: Yeah.

L: Very soft.

J: You can't- you can't feel this from where you are now, but trust me. Mm.

A: Very soft. This is gonna go right back on the shelf! [laughs]

J: [laughs]

L: You might get this one if you order one now!

J: Whoever of you is gonna buy the one that I just rubbed my face on. That could be yours!

A: Speaking of merch, we've also got It's Okay To Be Smart merch, so—

J: This is an oldie but goodie that you can still get your hands on. It's gonna be vintage one of these days.

L: Yeah, we still have a few left.

J: And this is what you should wear if you're ever doing a science. And anybody can do a science, you don't have to be, like, a science-doer. I don't know what they call those people...Scientists.

L: Science-doer is, I think that's probably the term.

A: Uhhh... [laughs]

All: [laugh]

J: Science-doer-ologist. That's what it is.

So I've been thinking about doing a new run of t-shirts, maybe in one of the designs you just saw. I can't pick colors, though, because I'm super bad at making decisions, so, uh, leave a comment and help me. What's your favorite color? Please. I need help.

A: Awesome.

J: You can find me on YouTube, of course, at It's Okay To Be Smart or Hot Mess. And you can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @DrJoeHanson. I'm a doctor, if you didn't know that.

A: [awkwardly curtsies and bows] Do the curtsy, do the bow... [laughs]

L: [also curtsies and bows]

J: No no no no no. That's not how this works. 

And while you're at it, you should go check out merch from all of my PBS Digital Studios friends they've got here. Like The Art Assignment, and Physics Girl, and Space Time. Really cool stuff. Somewhere. [gestures around the room]

A: Well, thank you much Joe for being here. I have one final question for you before you leave.

J: Oh boy.

A: So, it's a general thing, general consensus around the internet but also here that you look a little bit like Hank. Specifically, everyone thinks you look a lot like his bobblehead, and we just wanted to see what your opinion was on that.

J: I'm not gonna argue that...

A & L: [laughs]

L: Your hair goes the other way, but I feel like that's the only flaw.

J: Does anyone have a guitar?

A: Oh, oh no.

J: I know. Are you telling me I should change my hair? To look like what's his name? What's his name again? Fronk Green, or whoever.

A: Doesn't sound familiar.

J: One day they'll be saying he looks like me.

L: That's all we have for today. Thank you again to Joe for joining us.

A: As always, everything we talked about today will be linked in the description.

L: And if you want to follow DFTBA on Twitter or Instagram, you can follow them @DFTBArecords. Or you can follow us on Twitter.

Thank you so much for watching.

J: And don't forget to be awesome!

L: Perfect, one take.

[outro music]

All: [laugh]

A: Thank you so much!

L: Yeah, thanks a lot!

J: Next time we'll...[inaudible]

L: Yeah.

J: That's not true, know.

A: He's a doctor.

L: You can't say stuff like that, you're a doctor.

J: Oh, right.

All: [laugh]

L: We can say whatever we want.

J: Right. Don't fact-check this.