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A little late this week, but we bring you a tour!


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Hosts: Abi Rein (@abi_jean) and Luna George (@checkformoon)

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Luna: Hello and welcome to The Warehouse!

Abi: The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you!

[The Warehouse intro music]

A: You might notice that we're in a different place today, and that's because things are so busy around here this week that we actually had to move the fort. 

L: But that's not gonna stop us from giving you a great episode! We got Creator Corner, we got New Merch News, and we're going to give you a tour of the warehouse! But no one's here because it's after hours. [both sigh]

A: But first let's highlight the comment of the week. This week's comment of the week comes from enzopenguin, who says: "Wait Luna what was the HAMMER FOR???!!!"

L: That's a very good question, enzopenguin.

L: And now let's head over to Creator Corner.

A: The channel we wanted to highlight this week is Animal Wonders. Animal Wonders is an organization located right here in Missoula, Montana. They focus on housing and care of exotic animals, as well as educational outreach for the local community and the internet.

L: If you want to know more about Animal Wonders, you can go to, or you can go to to check out these mugs, posters, or these paintings done by porcupines. 

L: And now it's time for...New Merch News!

L: This week on New Merch News, we're welcoming a new creator to DFTBA: the Is This Adulting podcast. They have this #Stressed shirt and this "Someone's Always Listening" pin.

A: It's a new month, so that means the McElroys have a new pin of the month. We have this "I H8 U Ron" pin. They've also released this great "Vaccines!" shirt, and three Adventure Zone key tags.

Rob Scallon just released a shirt, poster, and sticker pack, but he did a way better job of showing off his merch, so you should check out the video he made in the description below.

That's all the new merch news we have, so's time for the warehouse tour! A lot of you guys commented and asked us, how do we find all of these different things? This is a big warehouse, so how are we supposed to figure out where certain shirts, or mugs, or stickers are? 

L: We have a system of numbers and letters! So this Turtles All The Way Down bundle is in the A section, on the third shelf, on the fourth level, in the fourth spot. So, A, 3, 4, 4!

A: Let's start with the sections. The A section is mostly mugs and other big stuff. Then, if we go over here, we have section B, and section C on the other side, which is smaller stuff, like pins and stickers. And then right on the other side of C is D. This section changes a lot, and it's mostly holiday stuff for special things that we're offering. 

L: The E section is dedicated entirely to posters, and then back here is where we keep all the shirts! The T section is where we keep hoodies and sweatshirts, and then U-Z is where we keep the rest of the shirts. Well, at least, almost all shirts. We also have a few other things, like scarves and tote bags. 

A thing to know about the shirt section is that each size has its own location so that we don't have to go digging through a bunch of sizes to find the right one. The reason why all these locations are important is because every order comes with a packing slip, and it tells us what items we need to grab and where we can find them. 

A: Between all of these sections, you'll notice tables, and at each of these tables is all of the stuff that we need to pack your orders.

Now, you might have noticed that there are some sections missing, and that's because right now this whole section of the warehouse houses back stock and things that we just got in and various packing materials, or whatever we need it to house. But eventually, it could be more shelf space. And also, fun thing to note, that's where the fort is. 

And then finally, at this end of the warehouse is where all of us sit, it's all of our desks, including mine. So that was a quick look at the warehouse, and how things are organized. Don't worry, we know there's still so much more that we need to share with you, but we figured we'd save that for a later video. 

A: So that was the warehouse! 

L: Maybe next time there will actually be people around. That's all we have for today! As always, everything we talked about is linked in the description.

A: If you want to follow DFTBA on Twitter or Instagram, you can do so @DFTBArecords.

L: Or you can follow us on Twitter!

L: Thank you so much for watching!

A: And don't forget to be awesome!

[outro music]

L: Don't forget to be awesome!

A: Don't forget to be cool and (?~3:44)