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In which Willy the puppy will only do his Signature Move when he hears an entirely unprecedented sound.


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A Bunny
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So Hank, Willy is 4 months old today which means that while he's still technically a very tiny little puppy, he's also acquired some serious skills.

Like for instance, he is a total expert at the skill of down. [To Willy] Down. Stay. Yes!

Good puppy! Good boy! And he totally knows how to sit. [To Willy] And sit.

Yes! Good puppy! He's also quite good at what our obedience school calls "Retrieve". [To Willy] Go fetch!

Go get it! YES! Now bring it back.

Bring it back. Oh ok. Sort of.

He doesn't really retrieve. He just sort of trieves. [The Yeti giggles] I don't want to take away anything from Willy's skill set. I mean for someone who has a brain the size of a baby fist, I think he's kind of a genius.

But while all of those skills are useful, there's one that we would really really like Willy to master. I am of course referring to the thing where he turns his head to the side like he's a night at the roxbury. So when we first got Willy, here's what we figured out: Willy does the thing where he turns his head to the side whenever he hears a series of sounds that he's never heard before in his life.

So for like the first month we were on easy street because he'd never heard any sounds and we could just do anything and he would do the head turn thing and we would just be like "Awwww. So cute." But then it started to get a little harder. I found myself reaching into the depths of my vocal cords looking for new sounds they could make.

And now Hank it has come to this: please observe the Yeti and I trying to get Willy to do the head turn thing for the camera. [John makes noises] Dang it! [More noises] [The Yeti makes noises] Oh you're close! The Yeti: Do it? John: You're close.

No. That's the closest he's been in days! [The Yeti laughs in the background] [More John noises] Do the head thing! No.

That was a head thing but that wasn't the one I was thinking of. I mean, I can't even think of another noise. The Yeti: You have to do different kinds of noises.

John: Wh-what kind what? The Yeti: Shrieking. John: Shrieking?

Ah, good idea! [John makes shrieking noises] AH!! AAAAAAHHH! Ok, so as far as we can tell it has to be a human voice making sounds that Willy's never heard before.

Clearly we are out of such sounds so if anyone wants to make a video response making a sound that they think Willy has never heard before, we would certainly appreciate it. Hank, I will do a real video soon and I'll see you later this week.