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Wherein our heroes finally defeat Weiserclaw, King of Bears.

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Michael: If this looks familiar to you at all, it's because we've been here before. But this time my company is significantly less British. Last time I was up here with Khyan, we found a cave. Today, we're going to attempt to find the cave once again and go inside. Armed with a flashlight.

Katharine: Two flashlights.

Michael: Two flashlights.

Katharine: Two flashlights.

Michael: That is infinite percent more than last time.
I wanna do what that lady's doing [camera pointed to lady hiking downhill using ski poles]. Like skiing without the skis.
The M, once again. There was, uh, green paint on this thing. Or there's still some over here. They've cleaned it up. Good!
[Whispering:] Hey, deer! Deer. Hey deer! Deer. Hey deer. There's wind.

Hank: It's windy.

Michael: There's wind blowing at me.

Hank: It got windier.

Michael: I'm being blown.

Hank: Michael's hair is all messed up.

Michael: My hair is messed up. [He shows us.] Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah- oh, it's all- it's full of product, I can't run my fingers through it.
Oh, what is... what is he doing?

Katherine: Yoga... Did you say Beyoncé?

Hank: Being awesome.

Katherine: Same thing.

[Very loud wind and possibly thunder]

Michael: There's an ancient inscription. What does it say?

Hank: It says... something about 420. Studio 420 is what it says.
Oh.. uh oh. Guys, that goes down a long way. I was surprised by how deep this cave is like.

Michael: Yeah man.

Hank: Whaat? Uh. I'm on ma butt now.
Is this natural?

Katherine: No.

Hank: No?

Katherine: It can't be.

Hank: OK.

Michael: Oh, there's the thing, right there.  There's a thing. 

Katherine: A thing?

Michael: A rock.  On which to get a footstep. 

Katherine: Oh.

Hank: One might say that on this one, I am well and truly nervous.  So I'm going to pause the video now, 'cause I have to pee in my pants real quick.  But I'll turn it back on if anything else interesting happens.  Going in way, way deeper than I thought it would be.  We are now basically in China.

Katherine: This is not a thing I want to do.

Hank: Yeah, I'm shocked that you're in here, Katherine. 

Katherine: It's not gonna last much longer.

Hank: I think I may see the end. 

Katherine: Watch out for your nuts! 

Michael: It's getting colder. 

Hank: Yeah!  You can feel the temperature changing for sure.  Oooh, ooh! 

Katherine: You think we're going to get to the end, huh?

Hank: We are at the end. 

Katherine: Oh.

Hank: I am about to touch the back wall. 

Katherine: Oooh, boy, my heart. 

Hank: Yeah, I know, mine, too. 

Katherine: Definitely up in my throat. 

Michael: Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. 

Hank: That it didn't keep going?

Michael: Well, it's just--it stops. 

Hank: Well, what'd you think was going to happen?

Michael: I dunno, I wanted to find like, a, you know, an underground dwarven civilization or something.

Hank: But you didn't find that.

Michael: Or at least a bear. 

Hank: No.  No bears. 

Michael: How's it going up there? 

Katherine: I may vomit.


Michael: I don't know what kind of footage I can get down there that I can't get right here.  There's--

Hank: Well, it's not about footage all the time, Michael.  Sometimes, it's about touching the back wall of a cave. 

Michael: Okay, I'll touch the back wall.  I'll touch whatever you want, Hank.  (?~3:49) this dark cavern together. 

Hank: Oh, jeez, that's my foot!  That's my foot!

Michael: Sorry, sorry!  Sorry, oh Jesus Christ, okay. 

Hank: Now say something important while you're here.

Michael: Democrat. 

Katherine: (?~4:06)  Totally come down here and shoot it up real good. 

Michael: I think you (?~4:14) a smoking implement.

Katherine: Whatever. 

Michael: I don't know how drugs work.

Katherine: Just comin' in the cave and getting all potted up. 

Hank: Oh, they broke their meth pipe, that must have been so disappointing. 

Katherine: Give me the big one.

Hank: Okay. 

Katherine: I'm going down.

Hank: You're going down?

Katherine: Yeah, I'm going down.  I'm in here.  I'm gonna do it.  I don't like it.  Ohh, I'm not going down in there, though.

Hank: No, no.  I touched like, the overhang. 

Katherine: It's blue!

Hank: It's blue? 

Katherine: The rock here's blue.

Hank: Are you sure it's not spray paint?

Michael: We've discovered a new element.

Hank: Okay, good job. 

(?~4:50): Okay, good job. 

Hank: Oh Jesus, ohhhh, I almost slipped.  I'm fine now.

Katherine: It's very slippery right there.  (?~4:56)  Whoa. 

Michael: Are you okay?

Katherine: Yeah.  (?~5:04) back on an overhang. 

Michael: Yeah, I did the same thing. 

Katherine: Owwww. 

Michael: Whooo. 

Katherine: Whooo.

Michael: We did it.  It's really blue out here.

Hank: Yeah.  Wow. 

Katherine: (?~5:15) a flashlight, huh?

Hank: Yeah, the flashlight was important.  I brought a good one. 

Katherine: I'm dizzy. 

Hank:  I'm also dizzy.  I have to sit down. 

Michael: Mission accomplished.