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John Green, författaren bakom fantastiska "Förr eller senare exploderar jag", dyrkar Afasi & Filthy och Looptroop, ger sig på att prata svenska och berättar exakt hur mycket han ÄLSKAR det svenska bokomslaget.
As you might be able to tell, I am a HUGE fan of Swedish Hip-Hop Music. I speak, as you will soon lean, absolutely NO Swedish, but I have a genuine love for Afasi & Filthy, LoopTroop, EVERYBODY. And while The Fault in Our Stars is a love story, it isn't about Swedish Hip-Hop, I did incorporate it into the book. Well, I shouldn't call it "The Fault in Our Stars". I should call it by its Swedish Title: "Förr eller senare exploderar jag". Ugh! It's my favorite cover of my book, EVER. That is the most beautiful book cover I have ever seen. My only regret is that I can't read it. But you can, and I very much hope that you enjoy it. Thanks for reading, and as we say in my hometown: Don't Forget To Be Awesome.